{Cloth Diapering Week} Thank you!

Thanks so much for stopping by for Cloth Diaper Week, I've had fun chatting about fluffy butts! Maria of Change-Diapers talked to us about Nighttime Diapering. The Rocky Mountain Mama put together a … [Read more...]

{Cloth Diaper Week} Mr. Crafty Nest vs. Cloth Diapers

Cloth diaper week continues today! Countless times I've heard, "I would cloth diaper but my husband thinks it's gross". Well, hubby is going to be in for a great big surprise because babies tend to … [Read more...]

{Cloth Diaper Week} Cloth Diaper Conversion – Velcro to Snaps Tutorial

You bought aplix diapers and now 10 months down the road the velcro just isn't holding up after all of those diaper changes. What is a crunchy mama to do? You could buy new diapers, but that is … [Read more...]