DIY: Woodland Creature Baby Nursery

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This woodland creature baby nursery post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

Modern Woodland Creature Nursery Design Ideas

photo credit: Jen Roberts

My animal loving grandfather always told me that it was our responsibility, as humans who live on this planet, to take care of any creature smaller than us. He instilled a love for nature in me, something I hope to pass on to my own children. Before I was even pregnant, I knew that I wanted to incorporate elements from nature into the nursery. What better way to do that than with a woodland themed baby nursery! 

Woodland Creature Baby Nursery 1

After watching many parents have to redecorate and turn their nurseries into a toddler room and later a bigger kid room, I knew that I wanted a space that would grow with my little guy. I didn’t want to have to repaint or switch out all of the furniture. I wanted a modern design that was still bright, relaxing and kid friendly. After many indecisive choices, I absolutely love how it turned out. It has become my favorite room in our home!

Woodland Creature Baby Nursery 2

The minute we found out the gender, our first stop was the baby store to pick out the crib. I might have ordered a crib and canceled a crib order a couple times, until I spotted a modern espresso crib that I fell in love with. They no longer make the particular crib that I have, but there are similar cribs out there. Of course, my darling baby hasn’t slept a wink in this gorgeous crib. At least it converts to a full sized bed, so there’s still hope.

Woodland Creature Baby Nursery 3

 Don’t send hate mail, I was inches away from my baby in the photo above and photoshopped out.

After scouring the internet for bedding, and only seeing cartoonish bedding, I spotted the perfect polka dot bedding (no longer made). The mod dots added the perfect modern vibe to the room and gave it a splash of color. Don’t worry, the bumper came off after photos. For the walls, I went with Serwin-William’s Gray Matters as the primary color and Watery (a light bluish color) for an accent wall. I put up birch tree decals behind the crib, on the accent wall.

Woodland Creature Baby Nursery 4

Knowing that I would be spending many hours in the rocking chair in my baby’s room, I was on a mission to find a modern chair that was still comfy and didn’t cost a ton. Not an easy task but I finally found my upholstered rocking chair, that I now practically live in. The curtains are a light hemp material and I ended up putting a black out curtain behind them, because who knew babies need like zero light to be able to sleep. The green shag grass-like rug adds a fun nature element to the room. I found many of the other woodland accessories on Etsy. 
Woodland Creature Baby Nursery Decor
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8 Responses

  1. This room is really adorable – just found it now through your link in today’s post. Those birch trees are really cool (I’ve seen someone in blogland use a stencil to make some, but this is way easier and equally pretty) – and the idea of a woodland creatures nursery is really great! Your kid will grow up and love nature =)

    1. Thanks so much Anja! It was so much fun decorating his nursery and the best part is that it easily transitioned into a toddler room 🙂

  2. I’m in LOVE with the chair. Would you mind giving the specific details on it? I’m having a hard time tracking it down on Target. They might not even have it there anymore, but I want to do a search for it. 🙂 Thanks!


    1. Thanks Meghan! I ordered it at 3 years ago and Target stopped selling it shortly after. I get so many inquiries about that chair, they really should bring it back!

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