In 12 months I’ve learned…

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that 12 months goes by in the blink of an eye
that i’m grateful for the time i spent wearing Logan…
and sad that his wearing days are coming to an end
that i still continue to learn something new about being a mom on a daily basis
that i have a lot more to learn
to play more
to worry less
that my child likes to keep me on my toes
that i will dearly miss the baby phase but I’m looking forward to new milestones
to not compare my baby to other babies, every baby is different
that i know my child better than any book, magazine, doctor
that i’m so glad i took a million pictures of Logan
that the past year has been the most challenging, happiest…
stressful, joyous year of my life
that you can’t possibly hold a baby too much
that i love this little guy more than anything
that 12 months goes by way too fast

See what else I’ve learned in the past months. Toddlerhood here we come…

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  1. Love your new blog!! … and Yay! I am glad your old posts came through. I love the “In ___ months I’ve learned” series, and read them over again once in a while. The 12 month one always makes me cry.

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