(guest tutorial) button wreath ornaments

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On the 6th day of Christmas…
The Artsy Farty Mama (aka Lindsay) has crafted up some totally adorable button wreath ornaments for our party. This craft would be great for your older kiddos to help with. After your button wreaths are hung on your tree, head on over to Lindsay’s blog to learn how to make a quiet flip bookfor your little ones.

I’m Lindsay, the blogger behind Artsy-Fartsy Mama. I’m a graphic designer and a stay-at-home mom to a very independent daughter. On my blog, you can find tutorials for all kinds of crafty things, recipes and more. I love finding ways to be creative while saving money. I also have a “Pinteresting Features n’ Shtuff” Sunday where I share just a few of the amazing, random, and inspirational things I find on Pinterest.

Anyway, enough about me… Let’s get to the fun stuff! Today I’m going to share a tutorial to make a Button Wreath Ornament. I originally found this idea over at Martha Stewart. There’s a lot of great things about these ornaments: they’re simple, inexpensive, adorable and so much fun!


Buttons: any colors, any sizes (mixed sizes looks really cute, in my opinion)
Wire: 22 gauge floral wire or 16 gauge copper or aluminum
Ribbon for hanger, I found a cool metallic silver ribbon
A different Ribbon to use as a decorative bow, I used a sheer white ribbon

Step 1:Cut wire to 9 inches in length. Make a small loop at the end of the wire using your fingers or pliers. Thread buttons onto wire. These wreaths are about 2 1/2 inches in diameter and used 72 buttons. Add more or less for larger or smaller wreaths.

Step 2: Once all buttons are on, bring other end of the wire around to the looped end. I found it best to carefully undo the loop, then twist ends together until it pulled the buttons into a tight circle. Then I trimmed the wires down so they weren’t sticking out farther than the buttons.

Step 3: Then I just tied a bow around the hanger with the sheer ribbon for decoration and pushed it down close to the wreath. And that’s it!! Told you it was easy!
Thanks again, Vanessa, for having me be part of your holiday celebration!

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