feb photo a day (part 2)

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I’m still going strong with the feb photo a day project. Most of my friends on Instagram are also participating, which helps me remember to take a daily photo. It’s been fun seeing what everyone comes up with. Look me up on instagram (craftyvanessa) if you decide to do it so I can follow you!

Day 8: Sun – I live in Arizona, where the sun shines 99.9% of the time…except when I want to take a photo of it. I have to admit that I sorta love cloudy gloomy days, probably because we rarely get them. Poor me, I know.


Day 9: Front Door – Why can’t it be Valentine’s Day year round? I love decorating for it! My neighbors just took down their Christmas lights yesterday, so I’m thinking I have a few more months to keep these up before the HOA is called.

Front Door

Day 10: Self Portrait – Yup, the silhouette you see in my header is my silhouette (courtesy of Ink Tree Press).

Self Portrait

Day 11: Makes You Happy – It makes me happy doing something nice for someone. A friend recently emailed letting me know that a friend of a friend (of a friend…) knows of a few soldier ladies stationed in Afghanistan who have not received a care package yet. I offered to put a care package together for one of the ladies and had fun putting it together (I included a few gossip mags and some smelly good hand cream…you know, the necessities).

Soldier Care Package

Day 12: Inside Your Closet – Please tell me I’m not the only OCD person out there who sorts her closet by color?


Day 13: Blue – These freeze dried blueberries are Logan’s fave snack. Just a warning, they stain everything blue.

Trader Joes Blueberries

Day 14: Heart – I love you too Starbucks!


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