(tot school tuesday) apples, apples, apples

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This week’s Tot School was inspired by one of Logan’s favorite books, Ten Apples Up On Top! by Theo. LeSeig (who is really Dr. Seuss). We focused on the letter A and the color red this week.  I love that when I ask Logan if he wants to “play school” he gets super excited for whatever crazy activity mama came up with. I also started a sort of Tot School co-op with another mama in my neighborhood. I send my kiddo over to her house for Tot School activities for a couple hours once a week and vice versa. Not only does your child get to learn from and interact with another child, mama gets a couples hours of precious alone time. Anyway, on to the activities!

Activity 1: Apple Felt Board

(learning objective: counting objects to 10, identify the color red)


Red Felt
Apple Stencil
Felt Board
Ten Apples Up On Top! Book


Cut out 10 apples out of red felt. I used my Cricut Create a Critter cartridge to create an apple stencil, but you can also search for apple clip art online if you don’t have that particular cartridge. For the felt board, I took the glass out of an old frame and placed felt inside. As you read Ten Apples Up On Top!, hand your child a felt apple to place on the felt board. Make a point to count each apple as your child places it on the board and remind them that they are placing a RED apple on the board.

Activity 2: Mess-Free Letter Finger Painting in a Bag

(learning objective: identify the color red, identify the letter A)


Large Freezer Bag
Red Tempera Paint
Tape (masking, painters, etc. will work)


Print out a big letter A and a clipart of an apple onto cardstock. Place printout in a freezer bag and squeeze a glob of red paint inside. Seal the bag and tape it to the table. Allow your child to finger paint, mess-free, on top of the bag. As your child is painting, you can help them identify the letter A and the color red. You can also help them identify what sound the letter A makes, like as in “apple”. Finger painting in a bag is one of Logan’s favorites and so easy to do!

 Activity 3: Apple Picking

(learning objective: identify and sort colors, counting)


12×12 Red, Yellow & Green Cardstock
Apple Stencil or Cricut Cartridge
Small Bucket
3 Bowls


Cut out red, yellow and green apples out of cardstock. Place them throughout your living room or play room. Tell your child that you are going to go “apple picking”, hand the a bucket and allow them to “pick” apples and place them in the bucket. Once all of the apples are “picked”, have your child sort the apples by color into 3 bowls. During the activity, review colors and you can also count as they place apples in the bucket.

Link up your Tot School Tuesday activities here! Tot School Tuesday is all about teaching your child something in a fun and playful way. Blog along with me every Tuesday and link up your ideas here. They can be original ideas or something you saw online (just make sure to give credit to the person who came up with the idea).

“Tot School Tuesday” rules:

  • Tot School related blog post links only please. Links to shops, giveaways and products will be deleted.
  • Link directly to your Tot School post, not just your blog.
  • Please link to See Vanessa Craft somewhere on your post or grab a “Tot School Tuesday” button and link it back to www.seevanessacraft.com.

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7 Responses

  1. Vanessa! Thanks for sharing your link up with me! It is so great to see other moms of tots doing the same things! How did you get your tot to not destroy the felt board? I tried last week and all my guy wanted to do was rip all the pieces off and bend my board 🙁 Maybe if I attach it to the wall? I’ve been thinking about trying that. And I am going to try the paint in a baggie trick too! I also noticed we have other shared interests! I also cloth diaper and enjoy sewing and crafts! Can’t wait for your next post!

    1. I stuck the felt in an old plastic frame with a thick cardboard backing and took the glass off. Definitely try hanging it on the wall (I used 3m adhesive and it works great because the board doesn’t sway). Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comments on my blog Vanessa and letting me know about the linky party 🙂 Your lil guy looks super cool and love your “apple picking” idea. Maybe I can try this during the bad “Chicago winter” days!
    I love crafts too and will drop by quite often!!

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