(20 crafty days of halloween) diy dino hoodie

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Most children are learning their ABC’s and colors at this age. My child? He studies dinosaur species. He’s destined to be a paleontologist when he grows up. Remember how I said that I wasn’t going to make Logan his Halloween costume this year because I just didn’t have the time? Yeah, I totally take that back. He now has a cute store bought dino costume and a way cuter (in my humble opinion) DIY dino hoodie. The awesome thing about this hoodie is that he’ll totally be able to wear it beyond Halloween. He’ll actually probably live in it, because that’s how my dinosaur obsessed child rolls.

I hope you’ve enjoyed 20 Crafty Days of Halloween as much as I have! I’ll be posting a recap of all of the projects on Monday and I’m hosting a costume linky party on the 31st that I hope you’ll join me for (store bought and homemade costumes are all welcome). Without further adieu, I give you Logan’s dinosaur hoodie tutorial. I included the dinosaur spike template that I used for this project. The larger spikes are for adult hoodies (oh yes, I will be making matching hoodies for myself and Mr. See Vanessa Craft) and the smaller spikes work great for toddler sized hoodies.


Felt (I used 2 different colors)
Spike Template
Sewing Machine & Supplies
No-Sew Glue


Step 1: Download the spike template below. The larger spike is for adults and the smaller spike is for children. Trace the template onto felt. Cut the spikes out. You will need approximately 10 spikes for a toddler sized hoodies and 12 spikes for adult sized hoodies.

Dino Hoodie Template

Step 2: Fold the spikes in half and iron a crease down the center, turning them into triangles.

Step 3: Unfold the spikes and pin and sew them down the center of the hoodie, making sure the crease is also in the center. Start from the top of the hoodie and work your way down.

Step 4: You can sew or use no-sew glue to attach the two triangles together, forming a spike. I’ve done both before and I personally like how the no-sew glue gives the spikes added stiffness. Update: If you use no-sew glue, test out your glue on a piece of felt first. I noticed that some glue adheres to felt better than others. The no-sew fabric glue by Aleene’s worked great for me and didn’t drench the felt.

Step 5: Put on the dinosaur hoodie and tromp around the neighborhood, RAWR’ing at the top of your lungs.


ps: What happened to my 6 pound baby? I woke up one day and he was a little boy.

pps: Don’t forget to check out my no-sew care bear costume tutorial for another easy last minute costume idea!

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20 Responses

  1. Hello Vanessa! I will be attempting the dino hoodie this week. I just have a couple quick questions. The first is what type of felt did you use? Also, where did you find the solid zip up hoodie? I am having a hard time finding a 3T solid for my DD. Thanks!


    1. Hi MikeyP! I used just regular felt (not the stiff felt) that you find at craft stores…I used both the kind that they sell by the yard and the sheets. I found the solid hoodie at Walmart and they definitely had 3T (I think that’s actually the size I ended up getting Logan). I saw striped hoodies at Target that would also look super cute (I made a striped dino hoodie last year for Logan). Let me know if you have any other questions and I hope you’ll send a pic of your completed hoodie!!

  2. Visiting you from the Sunday Scoop. I LOVE this. I will have to make this for my son for Halloween since I have the hoodies and the felt. Thank you! This is my first time on your site and I love it.

  3. I just made this tonight, and your tutorial is awesome! I’ve definitely seen some tuts floating around Pinterest, but the fact that you included a template made things so.much.easier!!! Seriously start to finish the whole thing took like 30 minutes, which is fantastic!
    I just had a few questions on the felt/craft glue stuff. I used the sheets of craft felt (got them at AC Moore) and Aleene’s OK to Wash It fabric glue. It seems that the glue kind of soaked through the felt, and I’m thinking that maybe that wouldn’t be the case with felt by-the-yard as it seems to be thicker? Also, is it typical for fabric glue to not be super sticky right away? I’ve never used it before, I usually just sew everything 🙂 Thanks again!!!

    1. Hey Shannon! YAY, send a pic of your hoodie! I was making a dino hat yesterday with a different type of glue and was just going to update my post. Certain glues definitely work better than others with felt. You could always just sew them shut, but I liked the added stiffness of the glue. Here’s my update: If you use no-sew glue, test out your glue on a piece of felt first. I noticed that some glue adheres to felt better than others. The no-sew fabric glue by Aleene’s worked great for me and didn’t drench the felt.

      1. I will definitely send you a pic!
        I checked the felt this morning and it looked ok even thought it soaked through last night. I agree with you that the glue adds some nice stiffness to the spikes, but I was thinking more last night if that didn’t work for people, I bet ironing on some interfacing to the inside of the spikes before sewing them would make them stiff as well. But glue is definitely much easier and quicker!!!

        1. Good call on the interfacing…that would definitely help with the stiffness! I’m glad to hear that your glue dried ok! I used a different type of no-sew glue on another project and it didn’t stick to felt at all…so weird!

  4. Vanessa, this is so cute! I made one of these for my son last year. I’m going to be featuring this tonight on my blog 🙂 Thanks!


  5. Your tutorial is so easy to follow, and the finished project is adorable! You’ve got me wishing I had a boy. (My girls aren’t big into dinos right now.) I love your idea so much that I will be featuring it on OneCreativeMommy.com later today. Please stop by and grab a featured button if you’d like. I hope you’ll be back to share more great ideas at One Creative Weekend tomorrow.

  6. I LOVE this! My little girl is obsessed with dinos and I plan to make this for her! I was wondering how the felt and glue held up in the washing machine? Any garment care instructions? Thanks!

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