(20 crafty days of halloween) front door spooky eyes

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Day 6! My blogging buddy, Steph from Crafting In The Rain is showing us how to decorate our front doors and windows with spooky eyes. I’m so doing this to all of our windows for Halloween! Don’t forget to link up your Halloween crafts, recipes and decor HERE.

Thanks for inviting me to your series Vanessa!   I’m letting everyone see today how I brought spooky to my front door.


Black posterboard (I bought 3 sheets from the dollar store at 69c each)
Exacto knife and a self healing cutting mat or cardboard to protect your work surface
Yellow or green tissue paper
Tape and glue


Step 1: Cut your poster board into strips that will fit in your window and cover them completely…but don’t tape them in yet.
Lay the strips out on a cutting mat or piece of cardboard and cut out some spooky eye shapes with the exacto knife.  You can find some images online for reference, or even print some out to trace exactly.  But you don’t need perfection here.


Step 2: Cover each cut opening with your colored tissue paper, securing with tape. Cut small circles and ovals to glue onto the tissue paper as pupils in your eyes.



Step 3: Put the posterboard up into your window and tape in place.  When the lights are on in your house and it’s dark outside, each set of eyes will glow through the window!  For me, it’s the perfect Halloween decoration because it doesn’t involve spiders 🙂  Happy Halloween!



Hey everyone.  I’m Steph from Crafting in the Rain.  We live in the Pacific Northwest, so when it’s rainy outside, I find all kinds of ways to keep my hands busy inside.  My blog is a smattering of paper crafts, sewing, recipes and kid fun. If you liked this idea, you may like my painted window screens too-come check them out!

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  1. oh my, I LOVE this idea! It will be perfect for the tiny side windows on either side of our door (and I’ll just need a sheet or two of black cardstock). Great for the trick-or-treaters. I want to go make some of these NOW!! Thanks for sharing!

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