(20 crafty days of christmas) paint dipped pine cones

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On the 3rd day of Christmas…I give you the lovely Sarah from Alderberry Hill. Aren’t these paint dipped pine cones gorgeous?! I want to make a bunch for my tree! Just wait until you see how easy it is to make these paint dipped pine cones, even your kiddos can help.

Hi Everyone!

I am Sarah and I blog over at Alderberry Hill. I am thrilled to be here today, thanks so much Vanessa for having me!

Today I am sharing with you a tutorial on how to make Paint Dipped Pine Cone Ornaments!


Here are the materials needed:

Pine Cones, I like the large ones. I did purchase these as where I live we do not get pine cones of this size falling off of our trees! But I’m sure a lot of you may be able to get these in your local park or even in your back yard. You will just need to add some ribbon for your hanger.

Paint of your color choice, I chose a subtle but contrasting cream color paint.

Glitter of your color choice.

Decorative ribbon for that Christmas touch.

A small crafters paint brush.


So here are my two pine cones bare as can be.



I simply removed the lid from the paint and dipped my pine cone until it was submerged in the paint can about half way.






Here is it all coated, let all excess paint drip off. And here is where the paint brush comes in handy. I used the paint brush to get in all the little groves where there were heavy amounts of paint and brushed the paint in a downward motion to allow for the excess paint to drip off. The paint I used was very thick so it really stuck to the pine cone well.



Once you have removed the excess paint, sprinkle the glitter over the painted portion of the pine cone while the paint is still wet.

And then hang to dry making sure you have placed something underneath just in case you may have more paint dripping.




Tie a festive ribbon to the top, I think for this ornament less is more.



And here they are all completed.



These will definitely fit beautifully on my Country Christmas Tree that is in my den.

And they are super simple to make too!


Here’s a tip: I rested a bamboo pole I had lying around from my craft counter to my storage dresser and hung the pine cones from the pole to dry!




Thanks again Vanessa for having me, it’s been fun!


Be sure to pop on over to Alderberry Hill, (or visit my Facebook page) I have a ton of Christmas crafts going on right now.

As well I`d love for you to link your latest projects to Make the Scene Monday – it`s live every Sunday evening!

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Happy Christmas Crafting!

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