(22 thankful days) day 1

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Happy November! For the next 22 days I will be posting about something I’m thankful for. I hope you’ll join me in remembering what this season is really about. Whether you want to blog about 22 things your thankful for in a single post or do 22 separate posts, it all works. Link up your posts below or join along on instagram using #22thankfuldays (follow me @craftyvanessa).

Today, I’m thankful for my little guy. It was around this time 3 years ago that I found out I was expecting, after several years of trying. I actually had an appointment with the fertility specialist scheduled to start treatment and, in true Logan fashion, I was surprised to find out I was pregnant a week before the appointment. Best surprise ever.

My little guy is strong-willed and sensitive, hilarious and loving. He’s smart and thoughtful. He’s taught me the meaning of unconditional, selfless love. He’s challenged me and made me a stronger person. I’m so lucky to have been chosen to be his mom. He was definitely worth the wait. He was even worth all the colic and mastitis in the world. I’m so grateful for this little person who has completely flipped my world upside down and turned it inside out…for the better.


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