(tot school tuesday) sibling and new baby activity

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Hey Tot Schoolers! We’re currently on vacation, visiting the mouse in Florida, and my sweet bloggy friend Lucy of Capture by Lucy is filling in for me while I’m away. She came up with a great activity for including older siblings in your pregnancy and preparing them for a baby. I can’t wait to do this activity with Logan when we get back!

It is so hard to explain to a toddler that they are going to become a sibling, cousin or friend to a new baby. It is so hard when you want to involve them right from the start but know they cannot understand why it takes so long for the baby to arrive! My sister is pregnant for the first time (her bump is affectionately known as Baby B as in bee) and whilst our 18 month old hasn’t the foggiest what miracle is happening inside her tummy, our 3 year old is fascinated.

I have talked about how little the baby started off and how it grows each week until it is ready to be born. That brings on more questions that need a whole other creative post to help answer! I came up with this printable that you can use week by week to help them understand how the baby is developing by fruit and vegetables! Food is something they can associate with, they can see it in the grocery store and it will help give them a real understanding of the baby’s growth during pregnancy. Plus who doesn’t like colouring!

Print off a blank page, draw your fruit (doesn’t have to be exactly to scale!) and let them colour whilst you teach them about the baby that week.

I have done the major milestones with Sammy for his new cousin and have made it into a little book complete with pink and blue ribbon as they are having a surprise!

I hope you find this learning tool helpful – you can copy my masterpieces if you want or create your own!

Here are some prompts:

  • Week 4 – Poppyseed
  • Week 5 – Appleseed
  • Week 6 – Lentil
  • Week 7 – Blueberry
  • Week 8 – Raspberry
  • Week 9 – Grape
  • Week 10 – Prune
  • Week 11 – Lime
  • Week 12 – Plum
  • Week 13 – Peach
  • Week 14 – Lemon
  • Week 15 – Apple
  • Week 16 – Avocado
  • Week 17 – Pear
  • Week 18 – Sweet potato
  • Week 19 – Mango
  • Week 20 – Banana
  • Week 21 – Carrot
  • Week 22 – Papaya
  • Week 23 – Grapefruit
  • Week 24 – Sweetcorn
  • Week 25 – Zucchini or courgette
  • Week 26 – Cauliflower
  • Week 27 – Chinese cabbage
  • Week 28 – Egg Plant or Aubergine
  • Week 29 – Cucumber
  • Week 30 – Pineapple
  • Week 31 – Large cabbage
  • Week 32 – Squash
  • Week 33 – Durian fruit
  • Week 34 – Butternut squash
  • Week 35 – Coconut
  • Week 36 – Honeydew melon
  • Week 37 – Swiss Chard
  • Week 38 – Leek
  • Week 39 – Pumpkin
  • Week 40 – Watermelon

Thank you Vanessa for having me again! It is such a pleasure to post for you and hopefully I have all the fruit the American way as well as the English! Capture by Lucy is my online obsession – a journal of my life as a Mama of 2 boys with a lens. Love from England to you and all your readers!

Download the printable here.

The Baby – A Learning Tool by Lucy Heath

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