(busy bag swap) 15 toddler busy bag ideas

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photos by: Kate Eschbach Photography

I love how creative the toddler moms got for the busy bag swap! Here are the toddler bags that were exchanged at my event. Logan, my 3 1/2 year old, is having a blast with them and they are a total life saver when you have a younger baby at home that requires a lot of attention. I love how versatile busy bags can be, most of them can be adapted to fit the age. Most of these are toddler aged bags, but my preschooler still enjoyed playing with them.

1. Sensory Block Match Up: Rachel of Harding Happenings created this fun sensory block match up game. The block has different types of textures and colors for toddlers to explore.

2. Pasta Sorting: Tots can have fun sorting uncooked pasta by shapes and colors into the plastic cups. The cups are also numbered so they can put them in order and learn their numbers.

3. Felt Road Puzzle: Kiddos can put the felt road pieces together and drive on them with the included car. Hours of fun for my son!

4. Popsicle Stick Shapes: Toddlers can practice their shapes with these fun popsicle stick that have velcro on the ends so they can attach to each other. You can find popsicle stick pattern cards at Organized Classroom.

5. Ombre Felt Chain: Jen of Life According to the Streets came up with this fun Ombre Felt Chain activity. Kids can practice their fine motor skills by making a felt chain. They can also practice sorting colors from lightest to darkest. Logan’s playing with this one as I type.

6. Pom Pom Color Sorting: Kids can practice their colors by sorting pom poms onto their corresponding foam color card.

7. Matching Egg Game: Kids match the egg yolks to the colored eggs. This would make for a cute Easter busy bag!

8. Stuff A Bottle: Tots can practice their fine motor skills by stuffing pom poms, pipe cleaners and popsicle sticks into a bottle.

9. Water Sensory Bottle: These miniature bottles are filled with googly eyes, pom poms, jewels and water. Kids will love swirling them around and seeing what catches their eye. I love this quiet homemade toy for church.

10. Cloth Containers: Ever notice how much kids like to put things in a box and take them out? This is the perfect homemade activity for that! A small hole is cut in the center of a plastic container and kids can stuff pieces of fabric in and pull them out.

11. Wiffle Ball Weaving: Kids will have a blast weaving pipe cleaners in and out of wiffle balls. Perfect for little hands and fine motor skills!

12. Lacing Cards: Toddlers can practice lacing the shoestring through the card’s holes. Love the shoe card!

13. Object Sort: Kids can match different objects to the shadow on the included paper. Logan loved this one!

14. Shadow Puppets: I created shadow puppets on popsicle sticks and included mini flashlights in the bags for kids to make shadow puppets with.

15. Spoon Matching: Toddlers can learn shapes by placing the clear spoons on top of the white corresponding spoons. Another Logan favorite!

You can find the preschool busy bag ideas here and last year’s Busy Bag Swap activities here: Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3.

Thank you to the following companies for being part of the Busy Bag Swap:

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