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by Jen A. Street for See Vanessa Craft

This summer is flying by and before we know it the new school year will start. This is my first year with both of my boys in pre-K. I can’t believe my baby will be in school! Its comforting knowing that they’ll both have teachers we already know and love. In just the one year that my oldest has been in school they have done so much good for him and I’m so anxious to see how my youngest does. What better way to let our teachers know that we are excited for the new school year and appreciate them so much then by giving them a little gift at open house or the first day of school!

First up, gather your supplies. You can use anything that says the word ‘fresh’ to you that you think your teachers would like. I used spring water scented soap, mint gum, and a fresh linen candle to fill my berry basket. Other ideas would be hand sanitizer, peppermint patties or even Mentos. I used a cute berry carton I had on hand that seemed to fit my things well but you can get creative here. Target dollar spot always has cute little bins as well as the dollar store.

To get started I first took twine and taped it on the side I will use as the back. You can also use glue if you like but I wanted the twine to be able to come off if necessary.

Next, I wrapped the lip of the basket with twine a few times and taped the end on the same side as where I started.

I taped the paper to a wooden stick to include in the basket. Another idea would be to print it smaller, punch a hole and include on the twine. And because we like you so much, we’re including a full size image of the label so you can save to your computer and print as many as you need too! Simply right click and save the file to your computer.

Last but not least it’s time to include all the goodies. How cute are these? I think my boy’s teachers will appreciate these.

Jen is the wife to a videographer named Dallas and a mom to two handsome little guys, Dallas and Griffin, who are only 14 months apart! After a long day at the office she tries to savor every little moment she can with her family. When bed time for the kiddos comes she enjoys planning parties, crafting, watching reality TV, and scrolling Instagram. She blogs about parties, crafts, and life at Jen A. Street. Bio photo credit: Dream Photography Studio


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