(30 crafty days of halloween) spooky skull wreath

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Hey there! Liz here! I blog over at Liz on Call and I’m so excited to be here at See Vanessa Craft as part of the 30 crafty days of Halloween. I have participated in this series the last couple years and I’m so happy that Vanessa asked me back again. I am all about simple crafts that don’t take a lot of time or money to create. Now that I have kids, I love to decorate for Halloween. I’m all about cutesy Halloween and this skull wreath is about as spooky as I can handle. The kids thought it was pretty cool though. And I think it turned out pretty cute for supposed to being spooky.

DIY Halloween Skull Wreath Tutorial / www.seevanessacraft.com
Like I said, I’m all about simple crafts. And this one is simple for sure. Here is what you are going to need:

foam wreath form, ribbon, wooden cut out, white paint, paint brush and hot glue

Simple Skull Wreath for #halloween #wreath

The first thing I did was cover my wreath with ribbon. I added a dot of hot glue and pressed down my ribbon. Then I wrapped the ribbon around the wreath form. If your roll of ribbon runs out, hot glue the end down and then start the next roll where you left off.

Simple Skull Wreath for #halloween #wreath

Just continue wrapping your wreath form until it is completely covered, hot glueing the ends. I used about 10 feet of ribbon to cover my 16″ foam wreath.

Simple Skull Wreath for #halloween #wreath

I painted the skull cut out with white acrylic paint and let it dry. Spray paint would work great too, but I just happened to have white acrylic paint on hand.

Simple Skull Wreath for #halloween #wreath

While my paint was drying I started on the bow to hang my wreath. You could use the same ribbon you used to cover the wreath, but I loved this skull and cross bones ribbon. I looped my ribbon through my wreath and and created a bow at the top. In my bow I took 2 long pieces of the black ribbon I used for the wreath form and tied them into my bow so they would hang down. I added 2 dots of glue to the back of the skull and attached 2 of the black ribbon pieces to the back of my skull so it would hang in the middle of my wreath. I trimmed the ribbons that were glued to the skull.

Simple Skull Wreath for #halloween #wreath


Then lastly, I trimmed my bow and I hung it on my front door! Spooky and festive!

Simple Skull Wreath for #halloween #wreath

Thanks so much for hanging with me today, I’d love for you to stop on over and say hello, or check out what is inspiring me on social media.

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Happy Crafting!


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