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Rosemary Heart Garlandby Jen A. Street for See Vanessa Craft

I’ve always been a girly girl and have occasionally thought that maybe, just maybe there is actual glitter running through my veins. However, I live in a house full of boys and rarely pull out the pink and glitter these days. 

There is one time of year when pink and glitter are totally acceptable and that is Valentine’s Day time and I usually take full advantage but this year I decided to take a different approach starting with this adorable rosemary heart garland.

The process was fairly simple and it smells amazing so that’s a plus. I think I’m going to hang ours in the kitchen and a fun, but not too girly, decoration.

The supplies are simple, some paper plates, a pencil, a hot glue gun, rosemary and twine for stringing. I also used a couple of small clothespins to secure the hearts to the twine.  

rosemaryheart_photo 1
First, you’re going to draw a heart on the paper plate. You could always go bigger and use cardstock.

rosemaryheart_photo 2
Next, cut out the heart, fold it in half and trim the outer edge to make sure each side matches up.

rosemaryheart_photo 4rosemaryheart_photo 3
Now, you’ll cut out the center heart. I tried to leave the width of my heart about a half an inch.

rosemaryheart_photo 5rosemaryheart_photo 6
Next you’ll fold over a strand of rosemary and glue to the paper plate base. Repeat until the entire heart is full.

rosemaryheart_photo 7rosemaryheart_photo 8
Last you’ll string the hearts onto the twine and space out how you would like then secure them to the twine with the mini clothespins.

rosemaryheart_photo 9rosemaryheart_photo 10

Rosemary can be a sticky and leave your hands smelling strongly but the end result is adorable. A subtle way to add a little Valentine ’s Day decor to your home. Bonus, you get a nice aroma in your home too!

Jen is the wife to a videographer named Dallas and a mom to two handsome little guys, Dallas and Griffin, who are only 14 months apart! After a long day at the office she tries to savor every little moment she can with her family. When bed time for the kiddos comes she enjoys planning parties, crafting, watching reality TV, and scrolling Instagram. She blogs about parties, crafts, and life at Jen A. Street. Bio photo credit: Dream Photography Studio

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