Kid Friendly: Extreme Coaster & Apple Car Snacks

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I am a Step2 Ambassador and am partnering with Step2 for the following review. I received a product in exchange for my review and honest opinion. #Step2Kids #Step2Ambassador

Step2 Extreme Coaster Toy Review

Three big boxes from Step2 recently arrived on our doorstep and my 4 year old could barely contain his excitement. I’ve built many, many, many Step2 toys before, but I might have met my match with this one. After attempting to build the Extreme Coaster with a toddler running circles around me, I realized that I was missing a bolt. Step2 has AWESOME customer service and would have sent me another bolt immediately, but Logan was begging me to build it NOW. So, off to the hardware store we went.

Xtreme Coaster Collage 1

Bolt in hand, I built the coaster and I had a few extra pieces left. Hmmm. I looked back over the detailed instructions and realized that I missed a step. Okay, dissemble. I start to reassemble, this time paying attention to the instructions and the rain starts pouring down on us. You guys, I live in Arizona and it never rains here. Long story short, the Extreme Coaster finally got built and I now have a very happy preschooler on my hands! Note to self: Pay attention to the instructions next time! It’s actually one of the easier Step2 toys to build (or it should have been). 

Xtreme Coaster Collage 2

It has been rainy for the past few days here (what’s up with this crazy weather?) and as soon as the sun peeked out for a second, Logan ran outside to try out his new Extreme Coaster. This is the COOLEST toy ever and by far his most favorite Step2 toy of all time! He can push the little car up the ramp by himself and launch himself off the ramp. Repeat, for like an hour. “AGAIN” he’d shout! I’ve seen the Extreme Coaster online, but the photos do not do it justice on how FUN it is. This is the kind of toy that he won’t easily get bored of and huge bonus points for the coaster providing him an energy outlet because he has TONS of it.

Xtreme Coaster Collage 3

My little guy worked up quite the appetite playing with the Extreme Coaster, so we made Apple Car Snacks to match his coaster car. You’ll need apple slices, toothpicks and bananas to make these snacks. Stick 2 toothpicks in an apple slice and place 4 slices of bananas on the ends of each toothpick as wheels. That’s it, so easy and yummy! Make sure to supervise young children with the toothpicks. Oh and thank goodness I didn’t mess the assembly up on this car ha ha! 

Apple Car copy


You can watch our video review here: 

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