Craft: Disney Little Mermaid Ears

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LittleMermaidEars HERO

Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat?
Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?
Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl
The girl who has everything?

Now that we all have that song stuck in our head, break out the ribbon and sequin fabric. We’re getting crafty, Little Mermaid style! With our Disney World trip for Disney Social Media Moms on the horizon, I’m busy making lots of last minute crafty accessories for our trip. I was inspired to make my own ears after seeing that fun sequin fabric at the craft store. Want to hear a crazy coincidence? The people in front of my were also buying fabric to make their own Mickey ears for an upcoming trip. What are the chances?! After they mentioned that they haven’t found a good tutorial on how to make your own ears, I decided that I’d document the steps I took to create my ears. Here’s how I made my Ariel ears. 


Purple Ribbon
Hot Glue Gun
Foam Board
X-acto Knife
Red Sequin Fabric
Green Sequin Fabric 
Spray Adhesive
Green Ribbon


Step 1: Wrap the purple ribbon around the headband, using hot glue to secure it. 

LittleMermaidEars5 copy

Step 2: Download and print out the Mickey Ear Template from Disney Family. Cut around the ears on the template. You won’t need the long connecting part in the middle for this project, so you can just cut it off. 

Step 3: Place the headband down on a table and position the template ears a couple inches apart under the headband. Trace the headband onto the template and cut out the half moon shape. We’ll be gluing our ears directly on the headband, so you’ll want the ears to fit perfectly around the headband. (For children, ears should be approximately 1 inch apart. For adults, ears should be approximately 2 inches apart.)

Step 4: Trace the ear template onto the foam board 4 times and cut using an X-acto knife. 

Step 5: Trace the ear template onto the green sequin fabric twice and cut slightly larger than the trace line.

LittleMermaidEars7 copy

Step 6: Hot glue 2 layers of foam board together. You’ll have 2 ears with 2 pieces of foam board each.

Step 7: Spray one side of foam ears with spray adhesive and wrap the green sequin fabric around one side of the ear, just overlapping slightly on the sides. Repeat for the other side and other ear. 

Step 8: Wrap green ribbon around the sides of the ear to cover the fabric “seams”. No need to wrap ribbon around the bottom, half moon part.

LittleMermaidEars6 copy

Step 9: Hot glue the fabric covered ears to the ribbon a couple inches apart. Press and hold for 30 seconds until the glue cools and the ears are secure.

Step 10: Decorate the ears with a red sequin fabric bow, seashells and pearls. 

LittleMermaidEars2 copyLittleMermaidEars4 copy

And of course, my littlest just had to try on the “mermaid” ears as soon as she saw them! Prancing around in her Frozen dress with the Little Mermaid ears on her head, I wish I had video!  


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