Craft: New Job Gift in a Chalkboard Jar

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I made this new job gift in a chalkboard jar using fabulous products from Office Depot as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #GearLove

OfficeDepotHERO copy

Anyone else get totally giddy over new office supplies? Back to school supply shopping was always my favorite. I’m like a kid in a candy store at Office Depot and could probably spend all day in there browsing pens and planners! Today I’m sharing all of my favorite Office Depot finds with you, including a gift idea for someone starting a new job. We’re crafting up a chalkboard jar and filling it with everything someone would possible need/want for their new job. This idea would also be perfect for a new graduate, teacher or even Father’s Day! I love fun gifts that are still practical. Plus, the jar can be reused in so many ways! 


Large Glass Jar

Painters Tape

Glass Chalkboard Paint

Sponge Brush

Office Depot Supplies: Pencils, Tape, Highlighters, Neon Sharpies, Rubber Bands, Glue Sticks, Binder Clips, Pushpins, Washi Tape, Post Its, Hand Sanitizer, Colorful Pens, etc. 


Step 1: Place a strip of painters tape around the jar, approximately 5 inches from the bottom.

OfficeDepot6 copy

Step 2: Using glass chalkboard paint, paint 3-4 coats of paint on the bottom of the glass jar. Allow coats to dry before applying a new one. Follow instructions on the bottle of paint, some will require you to bake your glass piece before use.

OfficeDepot7 copy

Step 3: Head to Office Depot and load your cart up with office supplies, enough to fill the jar. I grabbed pencils, highlighters, Neon Sharpies, colorful pens, binder clips, thumb tacks, tape, glue sticks, rubberbands, washi tape, hand sanitizer, a hole punch and colorful erasers. Office Depot had it all!

OfficeDepot4 copy

Step 4: Open all the packages and place supplies in the jar. I kept the binder clips and thumb tacks in their containers, everything else came out.

OfficeDepot2 copyOfficeDepot1copy

Step 5: Use chalk to write a message on the chalkboard portion of the jar before gifting. I wrote a simple “Congrats!”, but you can write the person’s name or a favorite quote. 

OfficeDepot3 copyOfficeDepot8 copy

Step 6: Share your fun Office Depot finds on social media using #GearLove. 

Office Depot Neon Office Supplies #GearLove

 What office supplies will you put inside of your jar?  

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  1. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this, going to make one for my best friend who’s decided to go back to college this fall! Now to try and find her owl themed school supplies to put in it lol

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