Kid Friendly: 5 Perfect Playdate Tips

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I’m sharing my #PerfectPlaydate tips as part of a sponsored post for Avery & Austin. 

5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Playdate

We recently received our first Avery & Austin box, a monthly subscription box that comes with everything you need to plan the perfect playdate. The box included art supplies for 2 different projects (enough for 2 children to do both projects), a healthy snack for 2 and a fun surprise for mom (this month it was a pretty jewelry holder). I’m making it a point to spend more intentional quality time with my kiddos this summer, unplugged and away from TV and phones. This monthly box is the perfect excuse and reminder to drop everything and PLAY. Whether you are hosting a playdate for classmates or siblings, I have a few tips for planning the perfect playdate. 

1. It’s all about the snacks. Have a kid-friendly, preferably healthy snack available. We really liked the Somersault Snacks that were included in our Avery & Austin box this month! Apple sauce pouches, trail mix or cut up fruit are also good options. 


2. Create a kid-friendly environment. When possible, use tables and chairs built for a child’s size. It’s much more inviting to them and they’re less likely to spill/drop/make messes when chairs are easier to sit in. Speaking of messes, cut up paper grocery bags and tape them to your tables for a mess proof workstation that can be easily cleaned up. If painting, you might want to have kids wear a paint smock or old oversized t-shirt. If messes make you nervous, take the mess outside and set up shop in your backyard!


3. Less is more. My rule of thumb is 1 guest per the age of the child, so 3 kids for a 3 year old and 4 kids for a 4 year old and so on. This will make playdates much more manageable and enjoyable for everyone. 


4. Plan ahead. I recommend planning 1-2 sit down arts & craft projects and also a more active activity to get the wiggles out. Make sure to have your art supplies ready to go ahead of time. Whether you are cutting squares for tissue paper flowers or getting the paint area ready, prepping before the playdate will make everything run smoothly. It’s always a good idea to have wipes handy for those inevitable spills and splatters.


5. Order an Avery & Austin box! Being able to open a box that had everything I needed to plan the perfect playdate was amazing! There was minimal prep involved and we were able to enjoy a fun afternoon without the stress of planning. Enter to win a 3-month playdate box subscription by Avery & Austin (value is $100 per winner) below. Giveaway ends June 12, 2015. You can watch our unboxing video here:

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For more playdate fun, visit Avery & Austin on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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