Craft: Easy Reusable Snack Bag

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I’m sharing how my children and I made reusable snack bags for our Goldfish Pretzel crackers as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #GoldfishTales

SnackBag8 copy

Between swim lessons and soccer, my kids are busy this summer and snacks need to be easy and portable. They especially love Goldfish®Pretzel crackers, so we crafted up reusable snack bags for on the go snacking. Not only are these bags a much more environmentally and budget friendly option, they are also super easy to make! Plus, my kids love the colorful fabric options. Dust off your sewing machines, this project will only take 15-20 minutes to make.

This sewing project is perfect for beginners, as you’ll just be sewing straight lines, and I encourage you to let your older children help. My almost 5 year old, with assistance, helped me cut the fabric and I even let him sit at the sewing machine for the first time. The scraps of laminated cotton were perfect for him to practice sewing on. We love our new bags, that are easy enough for little fingers to independently open and close. Anything that makes life easier for mom is a huge plus!


Laminated Cotton Material (found at most fabric stores)


Scissors or Rotary Cutter

Sewing Machine

Goldfish Pretzel Crackers

SnackBag1 copy

Step 1: Cut 2 pieces of laminated cotton, approximately 6 x 8 inches. 

SnackBag2 copy

Step 2: Layer the pieces, colorful sides in, and sew 3 sides shut. Instead of pins, which will poke noticeable holes in the fabric, you can use paper clips to hold your fabric in place if needed. I just held them together as I was sewing.

SnackBag3 copy

Step 3: Flip the bag, right side out, and hand press. You won’t want to use an iron on laminated cotton. Sew the last side shut.

SnackBag4 copy

Step 4: Sew 2 pieces of velcro to the bag, as shown below. 

SnackBag5 copy

Step 5: Fold one piece 2 inches up and sew the sides shut, as shown in the photo below. You’ll want to make sure that your other piece of velcro will reach the matching piece before you start sewing.

SnackBag6 copy

Step 6: Add Goldfish Pretzel crackers and enjoy!

SnackBag7 copy SnackBag9 copy

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