DIY: Water Spigot Towel Hook

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water spigot handle hooks title

We are having a summer of record high temperatures here in the greater Seattle area. Since our area isn’t used to being in the upper 90’s most of us do not have AC or pools but this year portable AC units and above ground pools are everywhere! {Our house included!} With the arrival of our pool comes wet towels. I’m tired of dealing with grass covered wet towels out in the yard so I whipped together this Water Spigot Towel Hook! 

water spigot hook supplies


  • 3 water spigots *ours are vintage but you can buy handles at your local hardware store.
  • 3 – bolts measure your thickness of wood + the height of 3 washers = your bolt length
  • 9 nuts
  • 1 x 6″ fence board 
  • cordless drill with 3/16″ drill bit
  • circular saw
  • carpenter’s square
  • pencil

ryobi circular saw

Measure the fence board to 30″ long use a carpenter’s square to make a straight line to cut by. 

reclaimed wood


measure and mark for hooks

Space the water spigot handles out and mark where you want to drill your holes with a pencil.

drill holes for spigot handle hooks

Drill the holes.

water spigot hooks

Thread the bolt through the center of the water spigot then add the nuts under the spigot handle. 

spigot hooks

Pop the spigot handle into the holes. 

securing hooks on board

Secure each hook with a nut on the back side of the board. 

attach towel hook with screws

We hung ours right outside of the basement door securing it with screws. 

water spigot hook

This Water Spigot Towel Hook is a great beginner project! If you want to try your hand at more DIY projects pop on over and check out my other projects over at Dolen Diaries

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