Party: Lego 6th Birthday

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Hello! It’s Triana of Rocky Mountain Mama. My son, Christopher, has been obsessed with Legos for quite a while. We started with Duplos and now we own over 20 sets, which is probably a total of about 254,789 pieces. For a couple of years, I have been pinning ideas and coming with my own, for a Lego themed birthday party. His sixth birthday ended up being the perfect year to throw a Lego themed party, after the release of the Lego Movie.

Christopher wanted to include some Lego Movie aspects into his party, but finding Lego Movie accessories was tough and costly! As per usual, I decided to DIY most of the party. Christopher and I looked for a couple invitation designs online. Using Lego movie clipart I found on Etsy, I made my own invitations in Photoshop and had them printed at Costco. I cannot say enough about the Costco invites. You can upload your own design and they are printed on high quality card stock with vibrant colors!


We stuck with primary colors for the paper products, table clothes and balloons. On the food table, I wrapped two boxes in blue wrapping paper to add some height to the cake and lemonade. The food table’s backdrop is Fadeless paper, which you can find at any craft store. Using my Silhouette, I added Christopher’s name to the red paper to mimic the Lego logo.

I used the Lego Movie clipart I found on Etsy to design food tags and water bottle wrappers.

We hung a “Happy Birthday” banner across the front of the food table. This is one of my favorite banners in my shop! The colors are amazing and the bricks are 3-dimensional.

Each table had a large gray baseplate with a Lego head on top, as a centerpiece. You can buy the Lego heads in stores, but they are a bit pricey. I was able to collect 3 large food containers. Add yellow spray paint and vinyl faces and you have the perfect party décor!


The party planning started when I found these silicone molds on Amazon. These molds came in so handy for many aspects of the party and the guests couldn’t get over all these little details! We put out standard finger foods, but I used the molds to include some special Lego elements. We used the brick molds to make ice cubes for the lemonade.

The biggest hits were the Jello bricks and the chocolate bricks. The Jello is pretty simple to make! Get the colors you want and follow the Jiggler recipe. I would recommend spraying your molds – the Jello came out with ease. I also made chocolate bricks using the same molds. We used the mini figure mold and candy melts to make cupcake toppers and extra desserts.

While searching for cake ideas, Christopher fell in love with the idea of having an Emmett cake. It seemed easy enough. I will say that while the cake wasn’t a complete failure, it definitely turned out to be one of those “Nailed It!” posts you see floating around the internet. Lol. But when you are 6, perfection is relative and as long as the cake tastes good, you’re happy!

LP DetailsLegoPartyCollage2

I wanted to include actual Legos into as many aspects as I could. I got into Christopher’s bricks and built a silverware holder out of them. Christopher made a sign with the number 6, using a baseplate and bricks. We hung this on the entry door. I added small bricks to our soap dispenser. Every guest commented on it after they went to the bathroom! 

We used green baseplates as serving trays for the cupcakes. I picked out some of Christopher’s favorite mini figures and used them as candle holders. Standard birthday candles fit perfect into Lego mugs! Christopher wore a DIY t-shirt. I cut a stencil out of freezer paper using my Silhouette and painted the shirt using yellow fabric paint. 


I am big on finding favors that won’t break in .2 seconds and that are practical. If you have a Lego store near you, you can purchase a cup of bricks for $18ish. After doing some research, I found a strategy for making the most out of the cups of bricks (link below). Christopher and his sister sorted the bricks evenly and filled treat bags. Then I printed out a thank you tag using Lego font and attached it to each bag. Each kiddo left with a handful of bricks!

I also made Lego head sugar cookies for every guest that came to the party. This was my first attempt decorating cookies with royal icing. They were a lot of fun to make! You can buy Lego head cookie cutters, but I cut them by hand using a template. If you can follow a recipe and have even the slightest bit of creativity, you could make these cookies too!


We put out a large tub of bricks for the kids to play with. This was a great activity to keep them all calm for a while. I also made a “Pin The Head on Emmett” game on foam board. I used my Silhouette to cut out a shirt, pants and several heads. Each child was blindfolded and had a chance to put their head in the correct spot. I wasn’t quite sure how well this game would go over, but the kids loved it!


Printing: Costco
Clipart: Etsy
Banner: Rocky Mountain Mama
Food Tags & Water Bottle Wrappers: Rocky Mountain Mama
Sugar Cookie Tutorial: The Sweet Adventure of Sugarbelle 
Cake Inspiration: Cake Central
Silicone Molds: Amazon

Etsy Banner2

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