Halloween: Candy Corn Fall Decor Sign

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30 Crafty Days of Halloween

Halloween and Candy Corn, what a delicious combo! Hi, I’m Christie from Raising Whasians and it’s so “sweet” to be joining the 30 Days of Halloween over at See Vanessa Craft! I was thrilled to cue my inner craftiness and create this DIY Candy Corn Fall Decor for the Halloween Season. Inspired by candy corn and the BEAUTIFUL natural colors of fall, this easy Halloween project was a perfect culmination of everything that’s shabby chic…and on a budget. Let’s make some sweet crafting memories! 

Candy Corn Fall Decor Sign for Halloween

I heart this craft because it’s so easy to make, the kids can help and it doesn’t overly SCREAM Halloween. But still festive and fun, this Halloween inspired decor sign offers all of the awesomeness that fall has to offer and for only a few dollars.

What You Will Need:

  • Cardboard Box
  • Corn Husks (used in making tamales, down the ethnic aisle of the grocery store)
  • Cinnamon Sticks – about 20 of them
  • Jute String
  • Glue
  • Scissors


1. First thing’s first, let’s cut out our candy corn shape. Using just plain old scissors, I cut out an isosceles triangle (that’s an equal sided triangle…see, good old schooling hard at work).

2. Next I glued the corn husks to the top third of my triangle to represent the white of the candy corn. It’s ok to allow extra for overlap.

3. Next I focused on the bottom third of the triangle. Gluing and wrapping the bottom portion of the triangle in jute, I had yet another fall color added.

Candy Corn Fall Decor Sign for Halloween

4. The middle was a favorite part. Using the amazing smell of cinnamon sticks, we glued those babies in the middle of the triangle, vertically. Focusing first on the edges of the triangle (to keep the triangle shape), we then glued and filled in the rest of the middle. Allow extra room for overlapping.

5. Don’t forget your wall hanger! I just wrapped and tied more jute to the back of the candy corn and glued in place, perfect for hooking onto the front of your door!

Seriously, how adorable is this? This candy corn inspired wall hanging is the perfect shabby chic decor for our home. And I LOVE the extra cinnamon fall smell we get too.

Candy Corn Fall Decor Sign for Halloween

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