Halloween: Keep Calm Printable

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Halloween Keep Calm Printables

I told myself I wasn’t going to stress over costumes this year but here I am sewing a Dorothy and Scarecrow costume right before Halloween. My two oldest boys are at the age where they want to pick their costumes and prefer something store bought. My two younger babies don’t have a say in the matter so I knew I had to take full advantage. I had planned on making my daughter a Frozen costume but she surprised me when she said she wanted to be Dorothy. I did look into buying the costume but it was full of sequins and lacked the cute traditional touches. Last time I checked Dorothy was sweet and innocent not running around in a tight fitting sequin dress (my daughter is 2!).

My sewing machine is running at full throttle and I’m holding back every word in the book as I read through the pattern. I could swear they purposely make sewing patterns as confusing as possible. Are they even in English!? As I worked on the costumes a little last night all I could think was Keep Calm and Costume On and then this printable was born! For the next week we will be in a state of Keep Calm and Costume On as we hit up local Trunk or Treats, Trick or Treat and get the kids in their costumes as many times as we can. I have to make sure all my hard work pays off after all.


Get the 8×10 printable HERE – in GREEN or ORANGE! 


I’m keeping it short and sweet because I still have hours of work ahead of me to finish these costumes! Keep Calm and Costume On this Halloween! What are your kids dressing as this year?

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