Halloween: Mummy Apple Sauce Snack Idea

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MummyAppleSauce1 copy

It’s my turn to bring a snack to my son’s preschool this week, Halloween week. The school has a no-sugar policy, which I appreciate, but I still wanted to bring in something festive. I had my craft supplies out from the mummy s’mores I crafted up and used the same tutorial to make apple sauce mummies. It took maybe an hour to create 20 apple sauce mummies, with some breaks in there. This would make a great last minute snack idea or craft up a bunch for trick or treaters! You still have time to pull this off and they’re sure to be a hit! 


Apple Sauce Pouches
White Crepe Paper
Hot Glue Gun
Googly Eyes

MummyAppleSauce2 copy

INSTRUCTIONS: Cut a piece of crepe paper, 2 yards long. Cut the piece of crepe paper down the center, so you’ll have 2 pieces. Hot glue the end of 1 strip to the pouch and start wrapping. Use the entire 2 yards to wrap around the pouch, hot gluing the end to the pouch. Hot glue 2 googly eyes to the front of the pouch, as shown in the photo. Enjoy! 

Mummy Apple Sauce School Snack for Halloween

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