Thanksgiving: Give Thanks Wood Decor

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Thankgiving Wood Decor

Hi everyone! Steph here from Crafting in the Rain and I’m happy to be back with another post for you, just in time for Thanksgiving. It’s cute, customizable and great for mantels, entryways or bookshelves. You can customize the saying on the sign for Christmas or any holiday! Start by picking up some items from the unfinished wood section of you craft store.

• a candlestick
• a square wood plaque
• a knob or finial for the top
• black paint
• top paint in your color choice (I went with a light blue)
• petroleum jelly
• lint free cloth
• heat transfer vinyl
• burlap
• E6000 or hot glue


I wanted my candlestick a little shorter than it came, so we cut a couple inches off the top with a band saw.


Paint all wood pieces black and let dry.


Smear small amounts of petroleum jelly on the corners, edges, some of the curves…anywhere you want to distress and have the black show through. Then paint with color. If using a light color like I did you will probably need two coats.


When it’s completely dry, use the cloth to rub away the paint on the places where you put the petroleum jelly. It should come off pretty easily, revealing the black paint underneath.

Cut a burlap square to fit inside the plaque.


Cut “Give Thanks” from black heat transfer vinyl (remember to mirror the image before running through your cutting machine) and apply it to the piece of burlap with an iron. Glue the burlap to the wood.


Assemble by gluing the knob to the center of the top edge. Then glue the base to the center of the bottom edge. I used E6000 but hot glue would also work.


What do you think? Do you like a kind of non-traditional blue for Thanksgiving? You can also see this post to find out how I made the DIY foam pumpkins.

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