Craft: Robot Valentine’s Day Snack

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Robot Applesauce Valentine Snack copy

I signed up for Valentine’s Day snack duty this year and my son gave me explicit instructions that it be a robot – valentine snack. Robot snacks with applesauce, juice boxes and candy are all over the internet, but I needed to create a mostly healthy valentine version without candy for his class. I hit the Valentine’s Day aisle and found heart toy mazes, perfect for my robots! If you aren’t having to adhere to a no sugar policy, you could use heart shaped chocolates instead. For the arms, which are typically created with long shaped candy like Smarties or Tootsie Rolls, I used paper straws. I think these little guys turned out super cute and I’m looking forward to snack time! This snack is 5 year old tested and mom approved! 


Juice Box
Applesauce Cup
2 Mini Raisin Boxes
2 Medium Googly Eyes
Paper Straw
Heart Toy Maze or Sticker
Hot Glue Gun


Step 1: Using a hot glue gun, attach the juice box the the raisin boxes, as shown in the photo below. 

Robot Valentine 2 copy

Step 2: Hot glue the applesauce cup upside down to juice box, as shown in the photo below. Do not get hot glue near the straw hole. 

Robot Valentine 3 copy

Step 3: Cut the paper straw into thirds and hot glue 2 of the pieces to the sides of the juice box, as shown in the photo below.

Robot Valentine 4 copy

Step 4: Hot glue 2 googly eyes to the front of the applesauce, as shown in the photo below.

Robot Valentine 7 copy

Step 5: Attach the heart toy maze (or sticker) with hot glue to the front of the juice box.  

Robot Valentine 6 copy

Step 6: Give to your favorite little valentine! The pieces should detach pretty easily so they can enjoy their snack!

Robot Valentine 8 copyRobot Valentine 5 copy

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