Printable: Daily Outfit Closet Hangers

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I’m sharing printable daily outfit closet hangers as part of a sponsored post for The Motherhood and Healthtex #WalmartBaby

Daily Outfit Closet Hangers Printable copy

When I found out that I was having a girl, I have to admit that I was excited to SHOP for a girl! The frilly dresses and cute shoes, I couldn’t wait to play dress up. That fun only lasted for a year. Yup, only a year. Amelia, little miss two year old fashionista, has some pretty strong opinions about what she will wear and what she WON’T wear. Luckily, she has a pretty cute fashion sense. Don’t ask me where she got it from, I’m sitting here in yoga pants. 

Walmart Baby 1 copyWalmart Baby 2 copyWalmart Baby 4 copy

Mornings have become quite the battle with my opinionated gal. This is new territory for me because my son could totally care less what he puts on every day. I’ve started taking Amelia shopping with me so she can pick out her own outfits that won’t cause a massive meltdown. They say pick your battles and this is one battle I’m waving the white flag on. She’s way more decisive in this area than I’ve ever been about anything. She’s totally going to be a future fashion blogger…or CEO. 

Walmart Baby 7 copyWalmart Baby 6 copyWalmart Baby 8 copy

Our most recent shopping trip was to Walmart, where we came across the Healthtex brand. Who knew that you could find quality clothes at a good value that are also super CUTE! All of Amelia’s clothes pictured in this post are Healthtex, including those adorable heart tights and both pairs of shoes. Little miss fashion diva gave her approval and picked out these outfits herself. I’m in trouble when she’s a teenager, but for now I’m happy we can shop affordably and save money/time/stress. 

Closet Daily Outfit Hangers 1 copyCloset Daily Outfit Hangers 2 copyCloset Daily Outfit Hanger 3 copy

To help speed things along in the mornings, I created daily outfit hangers for Amelia’s closet. Over the weekend, I have Amelia assign one outfit to every day of the week. We then place a hanger in front of each of those outfits. I should do this with my own closet, it would would make getting ready in the mornings so much easier! To grab these closet hangers for yourself, click on the image or link below and print on card stock paper. Cut the hangers out, including a slit on one side of the circle for hanging. 

MTW Closet Hangers web

 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Hangers

ThFS Closet Hangers web Thursday Friday Saturday Hangers

Sun Closet Hangers web

Sunday & Blank Hangers

Visit for style tips for tiny fashinistas or tips for stocking your child’s closet.

How do you organize your toddler’s closet?

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