Printable: Road Trip Snacks Container

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I’m sharing our road trip snack container with Jif™ Bars as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #TeamJif

Road Trip Snacks Container for Kids and Free Printable!

We’ve logged quite a few miles on the road in the past year with our kiddos in tow. Our family loves to travel, but it’s the prep for those trips that isn’t so much fun. I typically pack all our snacks in a big basket, but that takes up a lot of real estate in our car. I needed a new snacking solution that would still allow us to bring a variety of different things, including our favorite Jif™ Bars, but wouldn’t take up so much space. 

Road Trip Snacks 3 copy

I found the most perfect container, with built in sections and an attached lid, at my local craft store in the jewelry aisle. This particular container is 10 1/2 x 7 inches and typically used for storing beads. You could also look in the fishing section of a sporting goods store, they sell similar containers for hooks and bate. Now I just have to pack 2 small containers as opposed to boxes full of all our snacks. For a short day or weekend trip, this is all I need to take with us. 

Road Trip Snacks2 copyRoad Trip Snacks 4 copy

When we travel, I like to pack mostly healthy snacks full of protein for the kids. It keeps them full and we have less meltdowns. Nuts and snack bars, like the chocolate Jif Bars (made with Jif peanut butter and packed with protein), are always on hand. Some other ideas to fill the containers include: dry cereal, dry fruits, pretzels, coconut chips, granola, plantain chips, raisins, chocolate chips, etc. So much can fit inside!

Road TripSnack1 copy RoadTripSnacksPrintable web

 Road Trip Snacks Prinable

Depending on your child’s age or ability, they may be able to manage the container just fine without spillage. My 5 year old does great, but my 2 year old needs an extra hand and I typically hang on to the container and allow her to pick her snacks when she’s hungry. Make sure to print out the Road Trip Snacks printable to attach to the front of the container for added snacking fun! Now you’re all set to hit the road, safe travels!

What are YOUR kid-friendly road trip tips?

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