Easter: 100 Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers

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100 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is just around the corner, which means it’s almost time to fill those Easter baskets! I like filling Easter baskets with creative toys or practical things that can be used all year. Yes, my kids totally get toothbrushes in their baskets! In the past I’ve filled baskets with swim goggles, swim suits and other pool gear. Here are a few more, 100 to be exact, Easter basket filler ideas. Some of these ideas, like the water table and push buggy, could be used as a non-traditional basket that you can fill. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Happy Easter! 


1. Play Food
2. Art Supplies
3. Silly Putty
4. Art Smock 
5. Rock Tumbler
6. Ant Farm
7. Puzzles
8. Play-Doh
9. LEGO Set 
10. Dream Lites
11. Pie Face Game
12. Road Tape
13. Toy Shopping Cart
14. Flashlight
15. Play Jewelry
16. Window Markers
17. Card Games
18. Finger Puppets
19. Science Kit
20. Magformers


21. Bubble Machine
22. Chalk Eggs
23. Water Sprinkler
24. Kite
25. Push Buggy
26. Kickball
27. Gardening Gear
28. Water Table 
29. Water Balloons
30. Super Soaker
31. Foam Pogo Jumper
32. Diving Sticks
33. Beach Toys
34. Frisbee
35. Chalk Rake Toy
36. Kid Binoculars
37. Splash Mat
38. T-ball Set
39. Slip N Slide
40. Hula Hoop


41. Sun Glasses
42. Sun Hat
43. Kid CamelBak
44. Swim Goggles
45. Hooded Pool Towel
46. Fun Socks
47. Slippers
48. Pajamas
49. Backpack
50. Charm Bracelet
51. Light-Up Shoes
52. Superhero Capes/Masks
53. Hair Clips
54. Role Play Sets
55. Play Shoes
56. LeapBand
57. Piggy Paint
58. Glow Necklaces
59. Character Underwear
60. Flip Flops


61. Bandaids
62. Toothbrush
63. Sunscreen
64. Water Bottle 
65. Kid Toothpaste
66. Bento Box
67. Character Bedding
68. School Supplies
69. Bubble Bath
70. Shampoo/Conditioner 
71. Fun Flossers
72. Kid Vitamins
73. Wet Brush


74. Fruit Snacks
75. Fruit Rope
76. Fruit Crisps
77. Cereal Bars
78. Applesauce Pouches
79. Pretzel Bunnies
80. Raisin Boxes
81. Cheddar Bunnies
82. Bunny Mac & Cheese
83. Granola Bars
84. Pirate’s Booty
85. Banana Chips
86. Coconut Chips
87. Fruit Strips
88. Juice Boxes


89. Llama Llama Easter Egg Book
90. Happy Easter, Little Critter Book
91. Kids Craft Books
92. LeapTV
93. Inside Out Blu-Ray/DVD
94. The Good Dinosaur Blu-Ray/DVD
95. Read Along Book/CD
96. Color Wonder Book
97. National Geographic Kids Subscription
98. Highlights Subscription
99. Disney Infinity
100. LeapPad Platinum

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