Travel: 10 Awesome Legoland Tips for Parents

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Everything really is AWESOME at LEGOLAND California! We recently visited LEGOLAND and my kids have asked almost daily to return. We are highly considering purchasing annual passes for our family. If you have a mini master builder, like my preschooler, this theme park is a must see! Even my toddler, who is just getting into Duplo play, had the time of her life. The park and hotel are incredibly kid and family friendly and the LEGO details are so cool! Here are my 10 tips for your next trip to LEGOLAND California. 

1. Stay at the LEGOLAND Hotel. This was our favorite part of our entire trip. The hotel blew away our expectations and it was incredibly kid-friendly. From the kid-sized buffet station to the giant LEGO pit in the lobby, my kids are already asking to go back! The next time we go, we’ll make sure to schedule in more hotel time! Oh and make sure to get your dancing shoes ready for the elevator, trust me. 

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2. Go with the flow and plan time for exploring. I really enjoyed that LEGOLAND had so many interactive attractions. Most of the longer lined rides included LEGO building stations. We took our time through the park, stopping when the kids wanted to stop, which made our time much more enjoyable. While we didn’t get to see the entire park, but that just gives us an excuse to go back! 

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3. Go left with younger kids and right with older kids. The larger rollercoasters and Star Wars attractions are to the right and Friends Heartlake City and Duplo Playtown are to the left. With one old enough to do roller coasters and one still in the Duplo phase, we found that most of the attractions geared towards older children were usually nearby a ride that our toddler could get on too. I was impressed with how well planned out this park was for our family! 

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4. Dress in your swimsuits. Even if you aren’t planning on visiting the water park, there are tons of water attractions within LEGOLAND. On hot days, you’ll be glad that you have your suits with you and you won’t have to worry about your kiddos running through a splash pad area. Oh and don’t forget to pack the sunscreen! 

5. Check out the height restrictions. This is my biggest tip for any amusement park, especially if you have two children who aren’t the same height. It’ll be helpful to know what rides you can all get on as a family and what rides you may need to do separately. LEGOLAND has a “parent swap” program that will allow one adult to wait with the younger child while the other rides with the older and then swap. 

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6. Grab a batch of apple fries! Aside from LEGOS, LEGOLAND is also known for Granny’s Apple Fries. You can find them in the Castle Hill area, which also happens to house The Dragon roller coaster (my son’s favorite ride). Do the roller coaster first, then the apple fries lol! 

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7. Bring a stroller. LEGOLAND includes a lot of walking and little legs tire easily. I was so happy to have our double stroller for my 2 year old and 5 year old. We did the park in one day and instead of stopping for a nap, the kids happily slept in the stroller while we strolled through Miniland and SeaLife. It also held our souvenirs and snacks, so we didn’t have to lug them around the park. 

8. Don’t miss Miniland! This attraction was my personal favorite, the intricate designs are jaw dropping. Miniland USA includes miniaturized recreations of Washington D.C., New York, and San Francisco. There are also scenes from Star Wars, which my husband was mesmerized by. Miniland is a great attraction for parents to wander through if  the children are napping in the stroller. 

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9. You can trade LEGO Minifigures. Your child can bring their minifigures from home to trade with Model Citizens (LEGOLAND employees). Minifigures must be traded in complete form – hair or hat, head, body and legs. Make sure your child understands the concept of trading before participating to prevent a meltdown (spoken from experience). 

10. Find exclusive LEGO sets at The Big Shop. Near LEGOLAND’s entrance, you’ll find The Big Shop. This is a must see for any LEGO enthusiast! Our big souvenir from our trip was, you guessed it, a LEGO set from The Big Shop! 

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If you live in the Phoenix area, you’ll be happy to know that LEGOLAND® Discovery Center will be opening to the public on April 22nd! It will feature two LEGO® rides, a 4D Cinema and play areas, making it the ultimate indoor LEGO® playground. To keep up with pre-opening events and activities or for more information, visit or follow LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Arizona on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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