Recipe: Earth Day Cookies & Tips for Kids

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This is part of a sponsored collaboration with HBO and DiMe Media. However, all opinions expressed are my own. #SesameStreetonHBO #HBOLatino

Earth Day Cookie Recipe

Earth Day is on April 22nd and it’s one of our most favorite holidays around here. The motto in my house when I was a child was: “it’s Earth Day everyday”, as my dad went around turning off lights (even if we were still in the room). While we try to live that sentiment through recycling, carpooling, using reusable bottles, etc., I think Earth Day is a great opportunity to teach the “why” behind those things to our kids. I love that educational shows like Sesame Street have such great messages for our children about helping our planet to supplement what they are learning at home. You can now catch new and classic episodes of Sesame Street on HBO and HBO Latino. We’ll be tuning in to Sesame Street this year and baking Earth Day cookies to take on a nature hike, where we’ll be picking up any litter we see on the trail and having conversations about changes we can make to help our planet.


Sugar cookie mix & ingredients
Blue & green food coloring


Step 1: Make the sugar cookie dough according to the package or recipe. Divide the dough in half and add 5-10 drops of blue food coloring in one bowl and 5-10 drops of green food coloring in the other. 

Earth Day Cookies 2 copy

Step 2: Mix until the dough is fully colored.

Earth Day Cookies 1 copy

Step 3: Grab a tablespoon of green dough and a tablespoon of blue dough and roll to combine. Place on a cookie sheet.

Earth Day Cookies 3 copy Earth Day Cookies 4 copy

 Step 4: Bake according to package/recipe and allow to fully cool. 

Earth Day Cookies 5 copy

Step 5: Add a glass of milk and enjoy! Talk about ways we can help protect the planet while snacking!

Earth Day Cookies 6 copy Earth Day Cookies 7 copy

How we can encourage kids to take care of our planet:

1. Plant a garden together. Scroll down for a chance to win a planter set and herb garden from Sesame Street! A herb garden doesn’t take up too much real estate and is easy to maintain, even if you don’t have a green thumb.

2. Get out in nature. The best way to teach a child anything is to allow them hands on experience. Let them see what exactly they should be protecting and why. Kid-friendly hiking trails are a great way to experience nature!

3. Head to the library. Check out books about Earth Day and brainstorm ideas on how we can care for our planet. 

4. Make it fun. My children love crafts and baking, so we’ll be incorporating this Earth Day cookie recipe into our festivities. Kids are much more receptive to information when they have a hands on activity to go with it.

5. Watch Sesame Street together. As your cookies are in the oven, turn on Sesame Street! It’s educational and usually has some great tidbits on how to care for our planet.


Win a Sesame Street Spring Prize Pack (planter set & herb kit)! Giveaway ends 4/30/16. Enter in the rafflecopter form below.

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What are your favorite Earth Day or Spring activities? Tune in to watch your child’s favorite characters on Saturday mornings at 9am ET/8am CT on HBO and HBO Latino. 


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