Disney: Finding Dory Marshmallow Pops

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Disney Pixars Finding Dory Marshmallow Pops copy

We loved Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory so much that we were inspired to create a fun recipe. I spotted the Finding Dory themed Goldfish, with blue crackers for Dory and orange crackers for Nemo, at Target and knew they’d be perfect for a summer treat. Aside from snacking on them, we used them to decorate our Finding Dory marshmallow pops. I thought they turned out so cute! I’m in birthday planning mode and might just have to make these pops for our upcoming Finding Dory party! 

INGREDIENTS (makes 20)
1 bag blue chocolate melts
1 bag large marshmallows
1 box graham cracker crumbs
1 bag finding dory goldfish
large white pearl nonpareils
20 lollipop sticks or 10 paper straws cut in half

Finding Dory Marshmallow Pop 4 copy


Step 1: Melt the blue chocolate melts according to the package. I recommend placing the chocolate melts in a microwavable bowl and melting in 30 second increments, mixing in between. Do not over melt or the chocolate will be difficult to work with.

Finding Dory Marshmallow Pop 6 copy

Step 2: Place lollipop sticks or straws in the middle of the marshmallows. Dip marshmallows into the chocolate. Tap excess chocolate off the marshmallow.

Finding Dory Marshmallow Pop 5 copy

Step 3: Before the chocolate dries, dip the bottom in graham cracker crumbs. Add a blue goldfish (Dory) and an orange goldfish (Nemo) and 3 white pearl nonpareils, as shown in the photo.

Finding Dory Marshmallow Pop 1 copy

Step 4: Allow to dry and then enjoy! If you are making this a day in advance, make sure to place your pops in an air tight container or cover with saran wrap so they don’t go stale.

Finding Dory Marshmallow Pop 3 copyFinding Dory Marshmallow Pop 2 copy

Step 5: While your marshmallow pops are hardening, you can craft up some Finding Dory headbands!

Finding Dory Ribbon Fish Headband

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