Craft: Upcycled Fairy Garden for Kids

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I’m not being compensated to write about the Chick-fil-A upcycle challenge, we genuinely just love their tortilla soup and upcycled crafts! I am part of the #chickfilamoms panel. #chickfilamomsDIY

Upcycled Fairy Garden for Kids

I’m always up for a crafty challenge. So, when Chick-fil-A asked me and my fellow #ChickfilAMoms to upcycle their soup bowls into something creative, I knew this upcycle challenge was right up my alley! I’m also a little obsessed with Chick-fil-A’s tortilla soup (try it!), so I may or may not already have a few soup bowls lying around my house. Last year, my daughter and I created a bird bath fairy garden and we both loved the magic of it. Unfortunately, a big gust of wind knocked it down one day and we’ve been wanting to recreate it ever since. As soon as I heard about the upcycle challenge, I knew that the soup container would make a perfect base for a miniature fairy garden, until we can recreate a larger one. Turns out, my daughter was even more impressed with this mini garden because it’s so portable and she can bring it inside or out. She also collects sticks and special rocks to add to her upcycled fairy garden and is convinced that fairies will soon move in. See how we created it below!


Chick-fil-A Soup Container (empty & cleaned)
Potting Soil 
Decorative Gems
Miniature Wooden Bird House
Other Fairy Garden Accessories (mushrooms, fairy garden stepping stone, etc.)


Step 1: Head to Chick-fil-A and eat a bowl (or 5) of tortilla soup. Wash out the empty container and hang on to it!

Upcycled Fairy Garden 1 copy

Step 2: Fill the bowl with potting soil, leaving 1/2 inch at the top. Place the miniature wooden bird house (paint or leave unfinished) in the bowl and fill the rest of the bowl with moss.

Upcycled Fairy Garden 4 copy

Step 3: Place decorative gems and other fairy garden accessories on top of the moss. You can use store bought stuff or items from nature, such as pinecones or rocks.

Upcycled Fairy Garden 2 copy

Step 4: Don’t forget to sprinkle glitter or “fairy dust” over your fairy garden! Add as much sparkle as you’d like, we like a lot!

Upcycled Fairy Garden 6 copy

Step 5: Your upcycled fairy garden is ready to display! Your child can have fun moving around the pieces or adding new pieces!

Upcycled Fairy Garden 7 copy Upcycled Fairy Garden 9 copy


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