Printable: Sight Words Bug Game for Kindergarten

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Sight Words Bug Game for Kindergarten

If you are a kindergarten parent or teacher, you know all about the dreaded sight word list! My 6 year old was quickly getting bored of just reading words from a list, so I crafted up a bug sight word game. He now ASKS to work on sight words and has a blast with it. I thought I’d share our printables here, which include common kindergarten sight words. I also included a blank sheet to write in any missing or extra sight words. 


Sight Word Printables (List 1, List 2, Blank List)
White Card Stock Paper
Large Circle Punch or Scissors
New Fly Swatter


Step 1: Print out the sight word printables (list 1, list 2, blank list) on white card stock paper.

Bug Sight WordsBug Sight Words 2

Step 2: Using a large circle punch or scissors, cut out the bug circles.

Bug Swat Sight Words 1 copy

Step 3: To play the bug sight word game, place the cards on the table and call out a sight word. The child will find that sight word and slap it with the fly swatter. Another way to play is the place each card down individually and have the child read the word as they slap it with the fly swatter. 

Bug Swat Sight Words 3 copy Bug Swat Sight Words 2 copy

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  1. HI! I love this game! I am a kindergarten teacher and I am tutoring this summer! I would love this game! May I down load it?!

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