Halloween: 20+ Candy Corn Dessert Recipes

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Pumpkin: Stages of Halloween Pumpkin Being Carved
Over 20 Candy Corn Halloween Dessert Recipes

There are just some holidays that seem to go hand in hand with certain candy. Peeps and Easter. Candy hearts and Valentine’s Day. And when I think of Halloween, I automatically think of candy corn. I think candy corn is something you either love or hate. There’s really no in between. I like candy corn….in small amounts. My husband, on the other hand, thinks they are gross and won’t touch them. Unless I mix them in a recipe. Then he’s happy to partake. So if you’re like my husband, we’ve come up with some yummy recipes that might just change your mind! And if you’re like me, well then, enjoy!

Candy Corn Popcorn by See Vanessa Craft

Edible Candy Corn Cups for a Fun and Festive Halloween by Fun Money Mom

Candy Corn Fruit Cocktail by Mission: To Save

Candy Corn Butterfingers by Who Needs A Cape?

Candy Corn Inspired Eclair Cake Recipe by Having Fun Saving & Cooking


Candy Corn Oreo Bark by All She Cooks

S’Mores Candy Corn Bars by Rock-A-Bye Parents 

Candy Corn Halloween Dessert Pizza by A Side of Sweet

Candy Corn Butterfingers by See Vanessa Craft

Candy Corn Butterfinger Bark by The Baking Fairy


Candy Corn Rice Krispies by The Best Ideas For Kids

Spooky Halloween Bark by Gluesticks

Candy Corn Snack Mix by Creative Family Fun

Candy Corn Pretzel Toffee by The Chirping Moms

Chocolate Candy Corn Cookies by See Vanessa Craft



Candy Corn Pops by What Can We Do with Paper and Glue

Candy Corn Cupcake Recipe by Ann’s Entitled Life

Halloween Trifle by Dancing Through the Rain

Candy Corn Halloween Bark by Fun Money Mom

Candy Corn Fruit Parfait by Suburbia Unwrapped


Candy Corn Treat Cones by Dukes & Duchesses

Halloween Mousse by Rock-A-Bye Parents

White Chocolate Candy Corn Chango Bars by See Vanessa Craft

Candy Corn Monster Munch by A Pumpkin & A Princess

White Chocolate Candy Corn M & M Cookies by Gluesticks

easy-candy-corn-fudge-shaped (1)

So are you team candy corn? Any recipes that you enjoy as a family?  


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