Easter: LEGO Tape Bunny Jar

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This bunny LEGO jar is sponsored by ZURU. This post contains affiliate links. #MaykaWorld #MaykaTape

Mayka Tape Easter Bunny LEGO Jar Craft copy

I know my children will get plenty of Easter candy from their grandparents, so I like to go the non-sugar route. I fill their Easter baskets with things that are useful (summer gear, toothbrushes, etc.) and toys that I know they’ll play with for a longtime. I can’t think of anything else my kids love to play with more than LEGOS, so those are always on my Easter shopping list along with Mayka Tape! This reusable block tape has been a fun addition to their LEGO play, allowing them to take their creativity to new heights (literally). Just cut, shape, stick and play! See how I transformed a mason jar into a LEGO bunny jar using Mayka Tape. These bunny jars would make an adorable Easter gift or party favor. Keep reading for the full tutorial.


Mayka Tape (large green roll & medium pink roll)
Mason Jars
Black Adhesive Vinyl
Transfer Tape
Card Stock Paper (pink & green)
Hot Glue Gun


Step 1: Grab a couple rolls of Mayka Tape. You’ll need a large green roll and medium pink roll for this project. 

Mayka Tape Easter Bunny LEGO Jar 1 copy

Step 2: Remove the backing and attach a piece of the large green Mayka tape to the bottom half of the jar, as shown in the photo. You can use scissors to cut the tape piece to size.

Mayka Tape Easter Bunny LEGO Jar 2 copy

Step 3: Use an electronic cutter, like a Cricut Maker, to cut black adhesive vinyl to look like a bunny face. Use transfer tape to attach the vinyl to the jar, just above the green Mayka tape. If you don’t have an electronic cutting machine, you can use a black sharpie or glass paint to draw a bunny face.

Mayka Tape Easter Bunny LEGO Jar 3 copy

Step 4: Cut bunny ears out of pink and green card stock paper. Fold a tab at the bottom of the ears and attach to the lid using hot glue. Attach a piece of medium pink Mayka Tape around the lid.

Mayka Tape Easter Bunny LEGO Jar 4 copy Mayka Tape Easter Bunny LEGO Jar 5 copy

Step 5: Fill the jar with LEGOS and your bunny jar is ready for Easter!

Mayka Tape Easter Bunny LEGO Jar 8 copy

Visit Mayka World, Walmart, Amazon, Kmart or Target to purchase Mayka Tape. What would you create?

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