Christmas: Book Advent Calendar and Printable Tags

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This Christmas Book Advent Calendar is sponsored by Disney Book Group. All opinions are mine. This post contains affiliate links. 

My little book worms were excited to hear that Ryan T. Higgins, author of the best-selling Mother Bruce book, recently released a new Bruce book just in time for the holidays. We are big fans of Bruce, the endearing grumpy bear, in our home. In Santa Bruce,  Bruce is the victim of mistaken identity (again) and the whole forest lines up to give him their Christmas wishes. It’s hilarious and my kids crack up every time we read it! The illustrations, also done by Ryan T. Higgins, is beautifully done.  

One of our favorite holiday traditions is to countdown to Christmas with a book advent calendar. We place 24 wrapped books under the Christmas tree and read 1 book every night, starting on December 1st, leading up to Christmas. It’s a fun and educational way to celebrate the holidays that won’t break the bank and doesn’t involve extra sugar. I crafted up printable buffalo plaid tags that you can stick on the books to keep track of what to read and when. We added Santa Bruce to our advent calendar this year and the kids can’t wait to read it again. 


Santa Bruce (+23 other holiday books)
Kraft Paper Roll
White Card Stock Paper
Printable Labels (scroll to the bottom)
Washi Tape


Step 1: Wrap the Santa Bruce book in kraft wrapping paper. 

Step 2: Wrap the other 23 holiday books in kraft wrapping paper. 

Step 3: Print out the buffalo plaid advent calendar tags onto white card stock paper. Scroll to the bottom for the free printables. 

Step 4: Cut out the advent calendar tags and attach to each wrapped book using matching washi tape.

Step 5: Place the wrapped books, ordered 1-24, in a bucket or basket. 

Step 6: Starting December 1st, unwrap and read one book a night to countdown until Christmas. 

Download the FREE Printable Advent Calendar Tags HERE: Day 1-4, Day 5-8, Day 9-12, Day 13-16, Day 17-20, Day 21-24

Buy Santa Bruce HERE. What’s your favorite holiday book?


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