I love functional crafting, especially related to using creative ideas to keep my family organized. Check out this roundup of back to school organization ideas. As an MSSW who values learning through play and creativity, I also really enjoy kid friendly craft ideas, including edible crafting. Yes, I’m a mom that totally encourages playing with your food. You can join our kid friendly crafts, recipes and activities Facebook group for more ideas.

Home & Organization Projects

Check out our favorite organization tips and hacks! I’m a sucker for pretty organization that will help make my life easier. You’ll also find many of our room makeovers and DIY projects in this section. 


My kids love getting crafty in the kitchen with me! Themed treats are sort of my thing, but we also try to make healthy stuff fun too! I’ve learned that my kids are much more likely to try something if it’s presented in a fun way or if they had a hand in making it.


Browse hundreds of kid friendly crafts ideas, perfect for toddlers through teens. From slime to bath bombs and everything in between, there are tons of creative ideas that kids will love!