(20 crafty days of halloween) ghost pops & printables

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I have such fond childhood memories of making ghost pops with my mom for elementary school Halloween parties! We always used white paper dinner napkins for ours, but I thought it would be fun to update them a little. With just a few materials, you and your little ones can make these easy Halloween treats!


Tootsie Pops (or any other round lollipops)

white fabric cut into 8″ squares

bakers twine, string, or ribbon

a permanent black ink pen with a very fine tip

if you want to attach them to the Boo-tiful Halloween cards, you’ll also need:

Boo-tiful Halloween printables (download them here)

paper cutter (or a ruler, a pencil, and a pair of scissors)

Elmer’s glue (hot glue or really good glue dots would also work)



1. Wrap 1 lollipop in 1 square of fabric, making sure the fabric is centered on the lollipop.

2. Use the bakers twine, string, or ribbon to tie a nice little bow around the neck of the ghost pop. Trim any extra twine.

3. Use the fine-tipped pen to draw two eyes and a spooky mouth on the ghost pop.

4. Repeat Steps 1-3 with the other lollipops.

5. Download and print the Boo-tiful Halloween cards. Print them at 100% on cardstock.

6. The cards print 4 to a page, so cut the pages in quarters after they print.

7. Attach the ghost pops to the Boo-tiful Halloween cards with a small dot of glue. I placed mine exactly in the center, about 1 inch down from the top edge of the card, and angled my ghost pops out to the left. They look like they’re floating spookily!


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