A New Year, New Goals

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I don’t typically make new year’s resolutions because, well, who actually sticks to their resolutions. Instead I will just call this my 2011 to do list. So here are my non-resolutions resolutions, err, to do list…

  • Work on that baby book. I now understand why my own baby book was only filled out through the 2nd page.
  • Lose weight. When is this ever not on my to do list!
  • Get out more. My job was extremely social and while Logan is a blast to hang out with, I miss adult conversation. I’m looking into mommy and me swim lessons (although the thought of me in a swim suit right now makes me cringe) and have signed us up to try out a Gymboree class.
  • Save money. Did you know that you’ll have to save at least $31.41 per day to pay for your child’s public 4-year college, $119.92 for private (in 2027). This doesn’t include room and board. So yeah, save money.
  • Meal plan. This goes along with the whole saving money thing. Plus it would be nice to know what we’re making in advance instead of blankly staring into the pantry wondering what to throw together last minute.
  • Project 365. I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and I’ll be documenting my little guy’s life with a daily picture. You can follow my project here.
  • Renovate this blog. I actually like change and get bored when things are too static.
  • Be more creative. I might finally take my etsy shop off of vacation mode (where I put it when I found out I was pregnant and went into baby planning mode) or start up a new shop.

So I just have to be a frugal – blogging – meal planning – picture taking – buff – on the go mommy. Easy peasy.

What are your goals for 2011?

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