{Reader Question} Flying With Baby

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Logan sleeping in the Ergo on his first flight

A reader recently emailed and asked if I had any flying with baby tips. I’ve flown with Logan a couple times, the first time he slept the entire flight (hallelujah) and the second flight he missed his nap and was fussy (and I was traveling ALONE with him, we survived). My advice is to just take a deep breath and tell yourself that the flight will eventually end. Most people are actually really sympathetic/helpful when you are traveling with a baby (thank you to the stranger behind us for playing peekaboo with my child for 30 minutes straight!). As for the people who aren’t, they can suck it up and deal with a fussy baby for a few hours or they should travel with ear plugs (just saying).

I’ve gathered a few “flying with baby” tips from my message board mommy friends for you:

  • Wear your little one in a baby carrier (I couldn’t have survived the airport without my Ergo but be warned that some flight attendants will make you take your baby out of the baby carrier during take off and landing, seems silly to me but whatever)
  • Bring along food pouches for quick and easy spoonless feeding
  • Puffs, yogurt melts or other not so messy finger foods make great airplane snacks (and will keep your baby occupied for a good 10 minutes)
  • Nursing or bottle feed on take off and landing
  • Bring along a few new or not recently seen books and toys (a friend of mine suggested hiding a few of Logan’s favorite toys leading up to the trip so they will be like new again on the flight, this worked great for us)
  • Have Patience
  • If traveling with a newborn, bring along a boppy for a long flight
  • Travel the red eye or time your flight with bedtime/naps
  • A travel stroller is nice to take with you to have an extra place to put the baby or to put your luggage, just gate check it
  • It might be helpful to purchase a seat and bring along your carseat so everyone can get some sleep
  • Try and get your little one to fall asleep right after take off so you can enjoy your snack and drink (I don’t recommend ordering a drink if you are by yourself with an awake baby, unless if you have an extra set of clothing in your carry on luggage)
  • For nursing, pick the side of the plane that is the same side in which you have to nurse. It will give you a little bit more privacy from the stranger sitting inches from you.
  • Pick a window seat so the window will keep your little one occupied (I actually pick the aisle seat in the back, just in case if we need to get up quickly or get to the restroom)
  • Change your baby at the airport right before the flight takes off (the airplane restrooms are way too small and some don’t even have changing tables)
Safe travels!

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