{10 Crafty Days of Halloween} Candy Corn Candle

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Candy Corn Candle 10

Let’s get this Halloween craft party started! For the next 10 days, I will be featuring a different Halloween craft. Feel free to link up your own Halloween crafts HERE. To kick off this crafty party, I made a super simple candy corn candle. I was originally planning on covering the entire candle in candy corn, but I just loved the simplicity of one row. I think these would make cute (and easy/cheap) centerpieces for a Halloween party.

Candy Corn
Glue (I used a glue gun)
Modge Podge Spray (optional)

Candy Corn Candle 1

Step 1: Add a glob of glue on a piece of candy corn. I used hot glue to attach the candy corn to the candle. If the candle will be handled a lot and you want something a bit more permanent, I would suggest using an epoxy type glue. You could even use glue dots.

Candy Corn Candle 2

Step 2: Attach the piece of candy corn to the bottom of the candle. If you decide to use a hot glue gun, make sure the heat is on low (if you have a choice) and you will have to hold and press the candy corn to the candle for a few seconds so it doesn’t pop right off.

Candy Corn Candle 3

Step 3: Keep going. Glue candy corn pieces all the way around the bottom of the candle. Eat a few pieces (without the glue) as you go (yes, this is a requirement for this project).

Candy Corn Candle 4
Candy Corn Candle 5

Step 4: You can spray the candy corn with Mod Podge spray (love this stuff) if you are making a purely decorative candle. The bottle says this stuff is flammable so I opted not to spray.

Candy Corn Candle 6
Candy Corn Candle 7

Step 5: Enjoy your candy corn candle! Never leave a candle unattended and all that jazz.

Candy Corn Candle 8
Candy Corn Candle 9

If you follow this tutorial, add a picture to The Crafty Nest Flickr Group!

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