(diy tutorial) valentine’s day pretzel rods

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Valentine Pretzels
I’m not a huge pretzel fan but slather them in some chocolate and I’ll eat them right up. This is probably the reason why I gained 2lbs last week. How could I resist the tiny little heart sprinkles? It couldn’t be done. When you make these Valentine’s Day treats, just beware of over-melting your chocolate. I speak from experience, it will turn lumpy and unusable. I recommend melting in 30 second intervals and mixing in between. As soon as the chips are melted and creamy, you are good to go. Get your kids in on the dipping and sprinkling action, they’ll love it!


Pretzel Rods
Mini Edible Heart Sprinkles (I found mine at Michaels craft store)
White Chocolate Chips

Vday Pretzels 1

Step 1: Place white chocolate chips in a microwaveable mixing bowl and melt according to package. See my warning about over-melting above.

Vday Pretzels 2

Step 2: Dip half of the pretzel rod into the chocolate. You can use a spatula to smooth it onto the rod if necessary.

Vday Pretzels 3

Step 3: Sprinkle the chocolate covered pretzel rod with mini edible hearts.

Vday Pretzels 4

Step 4:Allow chocolate to and dry. You can place the rods in a cup to dry, just make sure that the chocolate doesn’t touch the cup. I didn’t have a short enough cup, so I just stuffed a paper towel in the bottom of a cup and then added the rods to the cup.

Vday Pretzels 5

Step 5: Give them to your Valentine.

Vday Pretzels 7

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