(crafting on a dime) tulle pom poms

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Tulle Poms Tutorial

Oh my goodness, my ovaries. I want to have a little girl just so I can make this project! The super funny and adorable Anna from My Life and Kids is guest blogging for me today (as I’m celebrating my 30th in Vegas!) and I’m in love with her project. The best part is that this project costs less than 6 bucks to make!

Hi, my name is Anna, and I blog at My Life and Kids. I have three little kids, I drive a minivan, and I strive to find the fun in life and motherhood and share it with you – even if that means that I’m teaching you how to make farting noises with a straw in your armpit. I am so excited to be at See Vanessa Craft today! I hope you like these tulle poms as much as I do!
My daughter is all girl, and I’m always looking for fun, whimsical ways to decorate her (very pink) room. I saw these Tulle Poms on Pinterest, and I knew I had to make some for her room. They were even less expensive and easier to make than I thought they’d be! Click here to see my original inspiration from Delicate Construction.

Tulle – 1 yard ($1)
Yarn or string ($4 for entire skein, but you’ll only use a little bit.)
Greeting card ($1)

This is enough material to make several tulle poms depending on the size you decide to make.

Total Project Cost: $6

Tulle Poms Tutorial
Step 1: To make a small tulle pom, fold your greeting card in half and hold a length of yarn across the fold you created. Keep the yarn attached to the skein – don’t cut it yet! You can wait to cut it when you’re hanging it up so you know just how long you want it to be. (If you want to make a larger tulle pom, don’t fold your greeting card. Just hold it with the fold at the top.)

Tulle Poms Tutorial

Step 2: Making sure to keep the yarn at the top of your card, wrap the tulle around the card. The more tulle you use, the thicker and fluffier your pom will be.

I like to layer mine two to three times across the length of the card.

Step 3: When you have all the tulle you want, hold the yarn in one hand.
Tulle Poms Tutorial

Step 4: On the bottom of the card (opposite the string), cut the tulle. Don’t let go of the string!

Tulle Poms Tutorial

Step 5: Tie the string as tightly as you can. And start fluffing your tulle pom.

It will be really sad looking at first. (See how mine looked at first?) Don’t worry! Just keep fluffing, tugging, rearranging and forming. It will look great when you’re finished, I promise!

Tulle Poms Tutorial

Step 6: Make as many as you want, and hang them up! I used thumbtacks to hang mine to the ceiling (my husband will be annoyed when he realizes that).
Tulle Poms Tutorial
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  1. I needed this post. My tree is still up too but not narley as beautiful as yours I’d keep that thing up all year if I were you. I wish I could do bokeh like you the butterflies are so beautiful. And that letter made my night. Keep posting Kara May!!

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