(20 crafty days of halloween) nutella & oreo witch hats

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I finally tried Nutella for the first time on my 30th birthday, which was in July. I know, I was totally deprived before now. I’m officially addictedn and had to find a way to work Nutella into my 20 Crafty Days of Halloween series! I give you Nutella, Oreo & Bugle Witch Hats. Whew, that’s a mouth full. You can just call them whatever you want or just make and eat them! For my Spanish speakers, you can find a Spanish version of this tutorial over at Pretty Cute Party. Happy Day 9, 11 more days Halloween goodness!


Black Chocolate Melts
Orange & Black Nonpareils
Parchment Paper
Floral Foam



Step 1: Using a spatula or butter knife, fill Bugles with Nutella.

Step 2: Insert toothpicks inside the Nutella filled Bugles and dip in black chocolate melts. Gently tap off excess chocolate.

Step 3: Place Bugles with toothpicks in floral foam to dry. Sprinkles black and orange nonpareils on the Bugles.

Step 4: Cover Oreos in black chocolate melts, using a fork to dip and gently tapping off excess chocolate. Place on parchment paper and put the chocolate covered Bugles on top of the Oreos before they dry. Sprinkle more orange and black nonpareils over the Oreos.

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