(22 thankful days) day 5

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For the next 22 days I will be posting about something I’m thankful for. I hope you’ll join me in remembering what this season is really about. Whether you want to blog about 22 things you’re thankful for in a single post or do 22 separate posts, it all works. Link up your posts below or join along on instagram using #22thankfuldays (follow me @craftyvanessa).

Today, I’m thankful for our cats. Chyna (named after the wrestler, not the country) and Sparkles (formerly known as Sparky) actually came with my husband as a package deal (long story) and I adopted them. Both are rescue cats. Sparkles was actually left behind to fend for herself by her previous owners and my husband found her. I don’t understand how they could do that. She is by far the sweetest, most loving cat that I’ve ever known and it’s definitely their loss.

When I was pregnant with Logan, Sparkles never left my side. Actually, she never left my belly. I think she thought she was hatching him. When he was born, she was right there in the middle of the action and she hasn’t left his side since. She’s endured way too many pulled tails and too tight hugs, but she still loves her boy. “Kitty” was Logan’s 2nd word after “mama” and before “papa”. It is sweet to see the bond that has developed between Logan and his kitty. I think Sparkles has taught him compassion, respect, loyalty and so much more. I’m thankful for her.

Chyna, on the other hand, she’s a little smarter and tends to stay out of Logan’s way. She’s only sweet if she wants something and still acts like a kitten, which is sometimes pretty funny and infuriating (especially in a craft room full of yarn). She has loyalty for one person in that house and one person only – my husband. She waits by the door for him in the evenings and she sleeps ankon his side of the bed at night. It is enduring to watch and I’m thankful that my husband has such a loyal fur-friend.

I’m thankful for both of our furbabies and how well they fit into our family. I’m also thankful that their previous owners didn’t want them, so we could scoop them up.


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