(diy tutorial) silhouette coffee cup candles

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Don’t tell my husband, but I might have a little thing for Mr. Darcy. These coffee cup silhouette candles are so very Jane Austen, reminding me of her iconic silhouette. I originally wrote this post for Holly over at Little Miss Marmalade, who I suspect may also have a crush on Mr. Darcy (back off, he’s mine!). These candles would make unique Thanksgiving place cards, featuring each guest’s silhouette, that could also double as favors. They would also make for a special wedding gift, with hand painted silhouettes of the couple.

Materials (makes 2 candles)

2 Coffee Cups
1lb Microwavable Candle Wax
Candle Fragrance (optional)
Adhesive Stencil Paper
Exacto Knife or Multipurpose Heating Tool
Black Glass Paint
Sponge Brush
Tacky Glue
2 Candle Wicks


Step 1: Adhere the candle wick to the bottom of the coffee cup with tacky glue.

Step 2: Melt microwavable candle wax according to package, add desired candle fragrance and pour into coffee cup (1lb of wax will make 2 coffee cup candles). Make sure the wick stands straight up. You can use the foam brush to help prop the wick up. Once wax hardens and sets, cut down the wick to 1/2 inch above the wax.

Step 3: Take a photo of your subject’s side profile and print it out, sized to fit on your coffee cup. You could also turn an existing photo into a Silhouette in Photoshop if you are computer savvy (Google Photoshop silhouettes).

 Step 4: Tape down adhesive stencil paper (with the backing still on) on top of the silhouette picture and cut out a stencil using an exacto knife or multi-purpose heating tool.

Step 5: Peel off the adhesive stencil backing and adhere to the center of the coffee cup. Use a sponge brush to dab glass paint within the stencil. Follow directions according to bottle on how to set the paint.

Step 6: Light your candle and enjoy!


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