30 busy bag swap ideas (part 3)

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Here’s Part 3 of the Busy Bag Swap party activities! Stay tuned for a recap of this fun party.

Busy Bag Swap Activities Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3.

21. Rachel made diy egg maracas kits for her busy bags. You can find the tutorial over at Made. She filled the plastic eggs with rice and included 2 spoons and tape along with instructions for how to put the maracas together.

22. Stephanie made pipe cleaner toy busy bags, similiar to Fun and Engaging Activities for Toddlers. Toddlers insert pipe cleaners into the matching colored hole in the cup.

23. Siler crafted up foam shaped puzzles, similiar to Tot School. Little ones can recreate the foam shapes in the spaces provided. An easy, medium and difficult puzzle was included.

24. Robyn made counting leprechaun gold busy bags. You can find the tutorial at Second Story Window. The kids can place the correct amount of coins on top of the corresponding pot.

25. Rachel crafted up ping pong balloon kits, similiar to Pen N’ Paperflowers. Toddlers can use the paper plate paddles to hit the balloons back and forth.

26. Kalleen made button snake busy bags, using Busy Bag Central’s tutorial. Toddlers can lace the felt pieces onto the button “snake”.

27. Robin created pom pom and pincher busy bags, similiar to Money Saving Mom. Toddlers can use the pincher tongs to pick up pom poms and paper clips.

28. Megan made nuts and bolts busy bags. Little ones can turn the nuts to match colors and letters.

29. Kalleen made clothespin color wheel busy bags. Kids can match the color written on the clothespins to the paint chip color on the wheel.

30. Jennifer made bead stringing busy bags. Tots can string beads onto various types of strings.

A huge thank you to our Busy Bag Swap Party sponsors:

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  1. Vanessa, I have to say, this is such a great series!! I’ve told so many people to come check these articles out. I love that for most of these 1) you can do them yourself without having to go buy anything, 2) they seem quick to make, and 3) they just look like FUN! Most of the ones you look at and think, “why didn’t I think of that myself?!” Thanks so much for the ideas, and for gathering them all here from your party.

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