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You may have noticed my new spiffy headshot in my sidebar taken by the fabulous Jen of Green Apple Images. I actually scheduled these headshots as a weight loss celebration. Remember, I had lost 30lbs last year through Nutrisystem and working my tush off during a mama bootcamp program. Who knew that I’d go and get myself knocked up and pack back on all that weight haha! Totally good and justified reason to pack on the pounds, but I still couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit disappointed that the outfit I bought for these photos no longer fit. Skinny pants at 20 weeks, ha! I was at the lovely stage in pregnancy where people are like “is she fat or pregnant, I can’t tell”.

Jen, along with some creative belly cropping, did an AMAZING job at making me look and feel beautiful, when I just felt frumpy at that point. I really don’t mean to complain because I know, after dealing with infertility the first time around, how completely blessed I am to be pregnant again and I will happily look frumpy for a baby. I’m also looking forward to scheduling weight loss celebration headshots in the future after this baby arrives. So, without further adieu, some of my other headshots from that day. Looking forward to my maternity shoot, where I will be flaunting the bump.

You can check out other photos from this shoot HERE.

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6 Responses

  1. Girl, whatevs. You look radiant! The goal to weight loss is health, so as long as you are healthy and happy, it doesn’t matter what the scale reads.

    1. Thank you! Yes, totally agree…I just can’t wait to get back to pre-pregnancy weight 😉

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